Challenges of being an Introvert

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"Challenges of being an Introvert"
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The greatest challenge of being an introvert is the moment you meet the woman of your dreams. There is a unreal feeling that overcomes you. You find you are able to talk to her. You can say whatever comes to mind and you glorify in the feeling of acceptance from this person you've been waiting for your whole life.
Then comes the idea of seeing her again. You spend hours upon hours trying to think of some activities the two of you can enjoy. You try to think of all the places you can go. You imagine meeting all of her friends. This is when reality starts to set in. You cant think of anywhere to go or anything to do because that is not a part of your life. The idea of meeting her friends scares you to death. The shame of her meeting your limited number of friendly acquaintances is almost more than you can bare. What will she think of you when she sees how you really are? You know that you're not as charming as you were able to be when you first met. You've managed to come across as normal for a time because you were enthralled by her presence. That wont last.
Now the panic starts to set in. You have to be with this woman, but if she gets to know you she will lose any interest she may have in you. It takes two weeks to work up the courage to ask her out. You blow it. You call her at work after you know she's left for the weekend and leave a message. You ask if she wants to hang out with you and some friends. That's not a date. You aren't going to be hanging out with friends. If she's by some chance working late or checks her work messages, you are now discovered. What do you do? The only sensible thing. You call her at work the next week to ensure she knows that you weren't asking her out, just inviting her to hang out. Make sure you sound completely horrified by the thought of her getting the wrong idea. That will make sure you're safe from being found out as a freak and having her hate you.
Of course now you have no chance of ever being with the woman of your dreams. You do however still have nothing but free time to dwell on your missed chance for happiness.

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