Challenges of being an Introvert

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"Challenges of being an Introvert"
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Introverts and relationships

Hi I'm Adam, and I am an Introvert.

Introverts have been described as "A shy person who tends not to socialize much," or "somebody whose feelings and thoughts are directed inward."
The first of these definitions points to the idea that we introverts may be "shy." This is not entirely true.
Introverts may have few friends and choose not to show up at parties, churches, sporting events, conventions, and or, any place where it may be crowded and noisy.
Introverts may wonder what the big deal is, throwing a birthday party at their house; and when reminded it's their birthday they may pop off with, "You didn't invite...people...did you?!"
These are not uncommon responses from introverts.
In fact, I had been asked by a close friend if I wanted to go to a science fiction convention. I asked, "Will there be people there?"
This to me was a valid question, but she looked puzzled by my candor and said, "Why wouldn't there be people there?"
This conversation went on for about a week; she really wanted me to go, but my only savior was I needed to buy food and couldn't waste money that weekend.

Later that week she posted pictures in a bulletin about her time at the convention. I expressed my disappointment that I hadn't gone after all, but inside I still felt relieved about my first decision.
Introverts don't fear crowds, (agoraphobia) they get drained or annoyed by the experience of too much stimuli.
I can tell you while in a crowd I get a distant look on my face, because I'm in deep thought trying to tune the noise out, and having misanthropic feelings: "Gee it would be nice if a hole opened up beneath all these people."
I am snapped back outside my mind by having a piece of cake jammed under my nose.
I look at the server, which at this point could be an angel incognito, "-Get that crap out of my face."
Introverts don't mean to be rude, arrogant, or emotionless. We are merely coming up with a brilliant plan that may solve the "free energy thing," and you people think its okay to disturb us with reality television.

The introverts who have identified their condition can be found exhausting volumes of works by Carl Jung. After this their love interest and social life may improve by a least.

What you need to know, if, you're remotely interested in that quiet person, reading alone, which seems to be in a world all their own.
-You can start a conversation by asking their opinion...even if you don't want it.
-Do not ask too many questions.
-If they seem to be ignoring you, it's called thinking. They think before answering.
-Always offer a quiet place to talk.
-Introverts always need "alone time" to recharge from too much stimuli. You won't get the best person while they're drained.
-Do not ask them, "Is something wrong?" if they seem to be in a daze. It's called thinking.
-Do not play load, obnoxious music around them with any regularity, if you value your life.
-Introverts in love: are not in love with your friends. They don't want to visit them or hang out after a movie. They would rather spend time recharging with you, because they love you.
-Introverts deal well with one to five people at a time, provided they are not Philistines.

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