Challenges of being an Introvert

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"Challenges of being an Introvert"
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There are two kinds of people in this world, those who thrive in a group dynamic, and those who strive for self autonomy. Introverted people will look deep within themselves for the answers that they need in life. A decision as simple as dinner for one can lead to not eating for the day, since it is difficult to cook for one. While many refer to being an introvert as being "shy", this is often not the case. Most introverts will tell you that it is more of a lifestyle habit, than a personality trait. Working long hours at a solitary job can lead to an introverted lifestyle. It may take several years, and you may not even realize that you have changed, but if you love your career more than you need human contact, you may become an introvert.

While it may seem easy to live without needing the approval of others, it is actually extremely difficult. Every decision is up to you, and you alone are to blame when things go wrong. For this reason, most introverts live a simple life. This does not mean a poor life. Decisions need to be well thought out, and many options are not possible due to the physical restraints of one person.

Take, for example, buying a new television. While most of us consider only cost when making the decision of size, the introvert must also consider the weight of the television. Everything is fine at the store when stock personnel are loading the large set into your vehicle, but can you get it in the house alone? If you can get it in the house, can you get it up to the shelf it needs to sit on?

To survive as an introvert in the world today, the same thought process must come into play for All decisions. From buying "lighter" furniture, to making sure that you have the most reliable car, every aspect of a purchase must be examined.

For this reason, introverted people tend to be extremely loyal to those who helped them with their needs for daily living. If they find and honest mechanic, doctor, even hairdresser, the chances are that these are the people they will use for the rest of their life.

Some believe that you are born with an introvert or extrovert personality, while others argue that personalities are developed depending on how a person is nurtured by their family. It is most likely a combination of both. Children who are socialized often with others their own age, even if "shy", will have an easier time adjusting to social settings and making new friends. Keeping a child sheltered from their peers will obviously affect how they are able to interact at a later age. Even if the child is socialized with the a different age group (ie. Parents friends, older/younger siblings friend), it will still prove difficult as once school starts they will not be able to have the same amount of contact with the group that they feel comfortable around. A few nasty comments from classmates and an introvert starts to form.

Self reliance is a great thing that introverted people take to a new level. You have to be strong and self-aware, sure in your decision making and able to live with all of the consequences, alone.

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