Challenges of being an Introvert

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One of the challenges of being an introvert is to spend time away from any mirror. Where are you likely to find an introvert at a party ? They are the ones sitting alone desperately searching for a mirror so they can examine their appearance for the thousand's time.

An introvert spends a great deal of time worrying about what other people think of them that the mirror is a source of comfort. Much of the time in front of the mirror may be spent in picturing themselves as a extrovert . Much as an introvert may dream ,the picture in the mirror will not permit the dream actual reality. The mirror only reflects the true nature of the introvert, a person more concerned with what other people see in the mirror rather that what is actually being reflected.

The mirror serves to confirm and give excuse to the introvert that they are shy and withdrawn . Of course they are shy and withdrawn .They spend so much time gazing into the mirror that there is little time for anything else. Even when they have an opportunity to carry on a conversation an introvert will sooner or later invite the conversation to dwell on life as reflected in the mirror.Any person who is drawn into a conversation with an introvert runs the risk of gazing endlessly themselves into a mirror for the same evidence of self doubt.

Introverts are introverts only because they choose to be. Take away their mirror and they become agitated . In a lot of cases a copious amount of alcohol imbibed by an introvert can unleash their desire to emulate an extrovert with disastrous consequences. It is to be expected .An introvert is exactly that , an introvert with absolutely no idea of the rules that extroverts abide by. Try as they may an introvert can't change into an extrovert by using alcohol as some magic formula. When the effects of alcohol wear off there will still be an introvert.

As I said before an introvert's challenge is to get away from looking in the mirror for most of the time. Some introverts will never succeed and I don't see any harm in that. An introvert by nature is shy an unassuming rarely causing trouble unless tempted to quaff copious amounts of alcohol. Why try to make a leopard change its spots?

Any person who is an extrovert may well be referred to a a cool cat . Buried just below the surface of most introverts however there could be a raging tiger just waiting to smash a mirror and unleash the ferocity of pent up frustrations. It might be best then to leave the introvert alone and not supply them with the means to escape unless you as a extrovert have had training in handling circus cats or accept that challenge.

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