Centuries old Treasure Found off Florida Coast Worth 250000

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"Centuries old Treasure Found off Florida Coast Worth 250000"
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A group of divers recently found a treasure trove off the Florida coast. The remarkable cache they found was not your ordinary run of the mill bag of money, but 300-year-old gold coins. The coins were discovered in very shallow waters, only being about six feet underneath the surface. According to media reports, the treasure was located about 100 - 200 feet off the shore of Wabasso Beach.

AOL reported the 48 coins were described as well-preserved in the sand. Even the dates etched into the coins were legible.

The divers were working off the boat "Capitana" with Captain Greg Bounds running the dive. His crew dives looking for treasure, but describe much of the time their findings turn out to be trash such as beer cans and fishing weights.

 "You go out every day, hoping that it's gonna happen, and a lot of times it doesn't," Bounds said, reported WPTV News. "But when it does, it's just amazing, the feeling that you get."

The company that owns the salvage rights is Brent Brisben's company, 1715 Fleet – Queen's Jewels. Brisben described the excitement of the find.

"To see (Bounds) come up out of the water, and over the rail, I'll never forget, he waves us in. "He says, 'I think I got one more,' and he drops about fifteen in my hand," Brisben said. “It’s something I will never forget,” Brisben told ABC News. "To be one of the first person to touch these things in over 300 years is amazing."

It turns out the coins are estimated to be worth at least $4,000 each, but experts have to examine and provide the value.  The dates etched into the aged coins range from 1697 to 1714.

It is believed these coins were a part of a treasure sunk during a massive hurricane in July 1715 where 11 Spanish galleons were sent to the bottom of the ocean. To date, six of the ships have reportedly been found.

Brisben said he plans to sell the coins to collectors, but that the State of Florida will first get 20 percent of the treasure. He has been salvaging since 2010, and said he found a piece worth $885,000 in a treasure that first year. The full treasure was worth about $500,000.

This past April, another company, Odyssey Marine Exploration, found a 400-year-old treasure. This trove was loaded with rare pearls and coins. The ship that had contained the treasure was also a Spanish vessel that had been struck down in an earlier hurricane.

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