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Thanks to a friend for this question:

"My good gal friend just found out she has stage 3 throat cancer - which hasn't yet been confirmed, but her doctor is a specialist and was pretty certain. I would like to see her more open to Law of Attraction, but know it's okay if she's not, too. Any advice you'd give - to either her or me?"

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When given an unwanted and frightening diagnosis such as this, the first thing to know is that no matter where you are, you CAN get to where you want to be. No matter what the state of anyone's health, they CAN reach wellness. It is always possible.

In fact, Abraham-Hicks has said that a person could have cancer in every cell of their body and IF they could direct their attention away from the cancer and keep that attention on things that feel good, they would become completely well.
I once heard Abraham say, too, that a person could conceivably be coming from a doctor's appointment after receiving a terminal diagnosis, become totally distracted by something that is happening along the road and, at that moment, have no evidence of illness in their body simply because their thoughts were so far removed from it.

It's all about thoughts. It's all about mental focus. It's all about that.

Of course, it's a challenge to change our habits of thought, letting go of long-standing patterns of worry, discouragement, or resentment, when given something new and significant that is beckoning intense upset! But that is the "work" involved for anyone with a health crisis. Until they consistently practice new, feel-good habits of thought, they will not be able to rendezvous with a treatment that will work long-term. WHEN they consistently practice new, feel-good habits of thought, any treatment - conventional, alternative, or even no treatment at all - will have positive results for them.

And it's important to know, too, that cancer isn't really about cigarette smoking or asbestos or pollutants in the atmosphere or genetic predisposition, etc., although these might be PRECIPITATING FACTORS. Cancer - and all illness - is about long-standing patterns of resistant thought. It's about focusing attention on what is not liked and what is not wanted for long enough that the natural well-being that ever flows to us is impeded.

All illness is vibrational illness. No exceptions.

Everyone who receives a cancer diagnosis was, I believed, warned for a very long time before the disease surfaced. Significantly warned. Dramatically warned. How? Through feel-bad emotions. Feel-bad emotions told them they were dis-allowing their well-being for a very long time before they became ill. Many people don't know that feel-bad emotions signify this, of course, and many don't know what to do about them. (Choose better feeling thoughts and work up the vibrational ladder.)

When I received a diagnosis of Stage 4b cancer decades ago, I certainly didn't understand how it was linked to the long-standing unhappiness I'd been experiencing until I came across a book, Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer by Kenneth Pelletier. That book set me on a path of thought-change and discovery that eventually led to the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Through Abraham, I believe I've come to understand with precision the mind-body connection and how I became ill - and how I became well.

Through Abraham, I've also come to realize that if we can't align our thoughts with our well-being here in physical expression, we will certainly align with well-being (and bliss!) the moment we "croak." Then we'll look back on the life we lived, no matter when and how it ended, and see it for the fabulous adventure it was.

And then we'll say, "Can't wait to go again! Can't wait to go again! Can't darn wait to go again!"

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