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The impact of religion on human behavior
By: Karla Perry
Whether it be positive or aversive, religion will always have an impact on human behavior. From the beginning of time humans have been affected by our spiritual nature. Desire for something greater than the natural consumes our world. Everywhere you look you find temples, houses...
Criminal defined
By: Joseph Malek
It is generally believed that a person who is a criminal is one who violates the laws put into place to safeguard the well being and the property of all of the people who live within the country where that criminal resides. Such criminal behavior...
Police behavior: A historical perspective
By: Krystle Hernandez
The position of a police officer was created in order to help ensure that laws were enforced and that the general public remained safe. As a result, police officers have been historically known to serve and protect our society. Whether they are mediating a domestic...
How laws are made
By: Karen Moore
News media reports come out almost daily with laws that have passed (and sometimes what didn't make it into law). There are laws and more laws, with laws regulating laws telling us all what we can or can't do. Private laws and public laws, regulatory...
Organized crime vs individual crime
By: Janet Grischy
Organized crime is a long-term problem. Criminal groups often follow careful long-range plans. This kind of crime often has deep roots in subcultures, neighborhoods, and families. Society as a whole ignores organized crime at its peril.Individual crime is often impulsive. It is often perpetrated...
The relationship between economics and crime
By: Jerry Curtis
Most crimes have an economic component. To the extent that criminals are motivated by financial gain and 'recycle' their proceeds back to the legitimate economy, crime has impact on an economy, and it is not always negative. Crime as an economic activity also obeys some...
Crime: Shared responsibility vs individual responsibility
By: Susan Overbey
There was a time in which an entire group of people were punished for the actions of a sole individual. Fortunately, this type of shared responsibility exists in few places now. However, shared responsibility for crime does still exist on some level.One individual can...
Criminal defined
By: Karen Moore
There are several definitions for criminal, but the one that comes readily to mind is simply someone who breaks the law. Yet, when looked at, the definition of criminal is more than that. An action may be criminal as well, for instance a behavior that...
Chaos theory and sociology
By: Elizabeth M Young
In general, chaos theory is not about disorder, it is about very complicated systems of order. In social sciences, chaos theory is the study of complex non linear dynamic systems of social complexity. This field of theory was born in the 1970s and has grown...
Declining European population rates and fears of minority population growth
By: SophiaRay
The main mistake people make when talking about Europe, is the tendency to generalize facts without taking into consideration the diversity of the continent. It is true that all European countries are experiencing a population decline of the ethnic group in the majority and a...


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