The difference between social climbing and being a parasite
By: Christyl Rivers
Is there a distinction to be made between parasites and social climbers? Yes, most wealthy and influential people are social climbers, but not all are parasites. Also, a parasite can make a living off of others at any level of society. A social climber prefers...
The importance of Ecopsychology in social development
By: Christyl Rivers
In a very real sense, ecopsychology is social development. Everyone born in any society enters a place in the world where food, scenery, air, water, the landscape, music, dance and every kind of development are linked. Those plucked out of their natural "place" often suffer...
Biggest disasters that were caused by mankind
By: Christyl Rivers
Disasters that are caused by mankind can fall into at least two categories. When one thinks of disaster they typically envision something like Titanic, or Chernobyl. But another kind of disaster can be examined of which the effects are still causing death and destruction today...
The pros and cons of transhumanism
By: The Renegade
There has been a lot of debate lately in the areas of online privacy, NSA spying, computer hacking, and general advances in artificial intelligence and neuroscience. President Obama recently announced a bold initiative to totally 'map' the human brain. It is called the Brain Mapping...


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