Every moment of every day, chemistry plays a part in all we experience. This branch of the Helium network humbly attempts to illuminate the vast array of chemical knowledge, making it accessible to all. Let our site inform, inspire, and awe you with chemical wonders.

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The discovery of benzene rings
By: Lavinia T
Benzene is considered as one of the fundamental structures in organic chemistry. Benzene has several applications in the manufacturing industry. However, the structure benzene attracted lot of attention when it was first discovered in the 19th century. Michael Faraday was the scientist who first discovered...
The chemical properties of acids and bases
By: Lavinia T
Substances are generally classified as acids, bases and neutral. To determine whether a substance is acidic, basic, or neutral, we can generally make use of indicators. If a substance is acidic, then it would turn blue litmus red. On the other hand, if a substance...
What deuterium is and what it's used for
By: Mortimer Ridley
So what is Deuterium? Deuterium, also known as heavy hydrogen, is an isotope of hydrogen. Its atomic mass is estimated around 2 and its nucleus has double the mass of a normal hydrogen nucleus. Its nucleus consists of one proton and one neutron.Deuterium is...
What is electrum?
By: Lavinia T
As a naturally occurring alloy containing primarily gold and silver, electrum is a precious mineral. This mineral also contains other metals like copper in traces. Today electrum is also being produced artificially. In ancient times, Greeks used to refer to electrum as ‘white gold&rsquo...
How does a shortage in acetonitrile impact the world?
By: Lavinia T
The acute shortage of Acetonitrile is caused by a series of events that took place in the year 2008. The production of acetonitrile dropped significantly in China as they were busily involved in hosting the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. To minimize air pollution, Chinese factories...
Ways dry ice can be dangerous
By: Devin Lee Smith
To understand the dangers of dry ice, one must understand what it is. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. It is extremely cold (-109.3°F or -78.5°C). Remember that water freezes at 32°F or 0°C. Dry ice does not &ldquo...
Ways dry ice can be dangerous
By: Keith Ziegman
Many of us think dry ice is harmless and it is, if used properly. Dry ice has many useful purposes other than cooling food and Halloween effects. Dry ice can be used for putting out fires, repair, farming, industrial, and even for fumigation. However, if...
What is electrum?
By: Devin Lee Smith
The word “electrum” has invaded modern language. We see it pop up in such diverse places as the Star Wars universe, numerous fantasy games, and occasionally in a scientific context. Given the awareness of the word it might be surprising that there is just...
Overview of the Schroedinger equation in chemistry
By: Tarek Musslimani
The Schroedinger equation is a quantum mechanical differential equation that describes the energetics of atoms and molecules. In addition, its solution of atomic and molcular wavefunctions gives the shape and energy of the various atomic and molecular orbitals of the molecule under investigation. The Schroediger...
By: Ernest Capraro
Alchemy has been much romanticized, and much superstition has sprung up around it. The reality of alchemy is that while the Dark Ages of science swept over Europe, leaving the populace ignorant at best, Eastern scholars in the modern day middle east were making great...


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