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Caribbean Islands that are Safe to Visit during Hurricane Season

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"Caribbean Islands that are Safe to Visit during Hurricane Season"
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During hurricane season, the Caribbean Sea is busy with tropical disturbances, tropical storms and hurricanes. A lazy tropical island getaway seem almost impossible during this time of year, but there are several islands that do not feel the force of the storms surges and dangerous winds associated with hurricanes.

In the Southern part of the Caribbean Sea hurricanes are seldom a problem, but from June 1 until  the end of November, there is always the possibility of an approaching storm veering toward areas that are not a part of the usual path.  But, all is not lost, there are several Caribbean islands that (usually) enjoy uninterrupted fun and beautiful weather throughout the year. The rule of thumb is to remember 'ABC' - Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.


Aruba have not had to deal with any major hurricane damage since 1877, when 70 people drowned and property damage equaled more than 2 million, USD. In 1988, Hurricane Joan was responsible for slight property damage and in 2004, Hurricane Ivan did minimal damage to the island. There are not many more instances when Aruba was dealt a serious blow from a hurricane.

75 square miles of beautiful island, white sand beaches with an average, annual temperature of 82 soul warming degrees. Visitors and residents can enjoy casinos, 24 hour clubs where anyone (of age) can dance the day and night away. There are at least 40 popular dive sites where old shipwrecks, exotic fish, unusual sea creatures and some of the most beautiful coral in the world is at your fingertips.

Avid hikers have plenty of natural trails, walking paths and adventures all over the island. The trade winds keep a constant tropical breeze blowing throughout and around the island that help to make windsurfing a very popular sport.


Bonaire is on the Southern tip of the hurricane belt and there has not been much hurricane damage done to the island. In 1999 Hurricane Lenny caused flooding damages and in 2004, Hurricane Ivan cause wind and water damage.

There are ample hidden beaches, nature trails and even temperatures that help to make this a popular tourist destination. Several world renowned restaurants, tourist attractions and a serious nightlife help to make this one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the Caribbean.  Scuba diving, snorkeling and windsurfing are just a few of the many activities that are available all year round.


This island has been left almost untouched by hurricanes since 1877; except for minor damage in 1999, left by Hurricane Lenny - in the Northern part of the island.

This island is more than 175 miles of 'Heaven on Earth'.  It is the largest island in the Netherlands Antilles and it is often described as one of the most wonderful places on Earth. If you are searching for mild temperatures, private beaches, delicious cuisine, and exciting nightlife - Curacao can easily deliver.

There are also areas with uncultivated coastlines, volcanic rock, lava cliffs and natural areas.  Expect to see a land saturated in African, Caribbean, and Dutch cultures with many exhibits. Snorkelers and divers have dozens of great places to see the unusual sea-life, all around the island.

Isla de Margarita

The only time Isla de Margarita (Margarita Island) has reported hurricane damage was in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan caused local flooding. Located just North of Venezuela, there are more than 50 beaches, restaurants and attractions for everyone. Thanks to the Trade-winds, windsurfing is a popular activity.

Punto Fijo

An island located directly North of Caracas, Punto Fijo is a great destination for a fun filled vacation. Punto Fijo was established when oil refineries were started in the mid 1900s. Punto Fijo has slowly become a popular tourist destination without many problems from hurricanes.

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Hurricane Flora was devastating to the area in 1963. Hurricane Ivan left slight damage in 2004, but this is still considered a safe Caribbean island during hurricane season and many beautiful beaches are readily available for getting that perfect sun-tan. Browse unique boutiques, dine on fresh seafood and enjoy some of the best weather in the world.  Divers get to see coral reefs, explore underwater caves and get a close-up view of the Maverick Ferry, a sunken ship. 

Anyone who wish to enjoy their vacation on one of the many Caribbean islands between June and the end of hurricane season, November 30, can confidently go to any of the islands mentioned above.  Though, no island in the Caribbean can guarantee a hurricane free vacation, the chances are less likely on islands in the Southern part of the Sea.




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