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Three different levels of education are available for career choices in psychology. At the highest levels are the PhD degrees. Those with this doctorate in psychology are available for work as a child psychologist, clinical psychologist, a forensic psychologist, or clinical psychologist, sports psychologist, or in numerous other positions open to those with a doctorate in psychology. In fact there is a great demand for psychologist in just about every field of endeavor. People with their ever increasing behavior problems and emotional hang up necessitate most commodity companies as well as service companies to have psychologists standing ready to solve the many diverse people problems.

On a less strenuous level, and if you have a Masters Degree, you are eligible to become a psychiatric social worker, a counselor in a mental health center, sheltered workshops, in hospitals and in schools. In the United States all 50 States allow you, if you have a Master Degree to set up your own private practice or to work in the business field to test and council employees, to do research and whatever. The field is practically unlimited. Like the psychologist, but with serious problems to solve, the world is waiting for those who have extra training in psychology.

With a BS degree you still can work with people, and there are numerous job opportunities available to you. You may apply to wherever there's an opening for a job with people in your area of expertise. Expect to search for work as case workers, counselor's aides, in sales, in marketing, personnel and management positions. In this field, you actually have had only a basic knowledge. That may be enough to give you that incentive to learn more on your own. This will, or could, be true when you do get that job in another field but discover that you do have expertise with problems that may come up at the workplace.

When you have learned how to deal with people, and that skill is a requirement in so many different work situations, you stand ready to apply to many job openings. It may be your analytical skills are needed in business, as a motivator of the work room. If you write well you may be put to work designing brochures enticing others to try such and such a commodity.

The field of people oriented work is yours. what you need to do is arm yourself with your best potential and map out your best choices for work. With your knowledge of people and their habits, in no time you should be in the right place at the right time and hopefully hired to do the work you can do well. The years spent in getting your degree will finally pay you dividends, and since you chose to learn of the inner workings of humanity, you should have no trouble adjusting.


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