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Today more than ever it is difficult to understand how there are so many cases of cancer cropping up. Is it diet? Bad habits? Not enough rest? One thing Scientists and Doctors are finding is that certain foods and changing your diet can prolong your life.Eating more fruits and vegetables ranks among the highest ways to cut the risk of cancer. I have even read that rubbing yourself all over with extract of Broccoli could help reduce the risk of cancer. Don't know that I would try it, but hey, you never know.

According to the World Cancer research fund the top cancer fighting foods are:







*Sunflower Seeds

*Brazil Nuts

So now we need to know how each one can affect the onset of Cancer. This is what I found.

Researchers say that GARLIC contains Allyl Sulfur components that can slow or prevent the growth of tumors. PEPPERS have a substance called Capsaicin (which makes the pepper hot) and can inhibit some forms of cancer. The tomato has Lycopene and has been shown to prevent certain types of Cancers.ONIONS can be tricky to figure out as there are several different types. They all have ANTIOXIDANTS and FLAVONOIDS, but in varying degrees. These are well known cancer prevention components.STRAWBERRIES contain Phenols, which is also an ANTIOXIDANT that helps protect cell structures in the body, thus helping prevent certain cancers.CARROTS contain a substance called Falcarinol which can retard the growth of tumors or even prevent them.SUNFLOWER SEEDS have many ANTIOXIDANTS as well and many health benefits including that of preventing cell damage that can lead to cancer.And last but certainly not least, The BRAZIL NUT contains Selenium which can reduce the risk of cancer.

One thing that all of the studies agree on is that all of these foods can help prevent cancers, they all have a certain beneficial effect on certain types. For instance, one may be better to prevent prostate cancer, but no real proof of any other type of cancers. While another may be beneficial to prevent Breast cancer and not so much prostate cancer. The most important thing to remember is that all of these foods have nutritional value and added to your diet surely could help. None of us really knows what causes cancer or when it will strike, so an ounce of prevention as they say can make a huge difference in your longevity.

Proper diet, excercise and rest are all units that work hand in hand to your health. To neglect any one of them can be the start of many health issues. Some may prefer to take a daily dose of antioxidants or supplements, but it is unclear as to the degree of health benefit that they may provide. Vegetables have the natural ingredients to help with a long healthy life. Its interesting to see just how they work and what you can do to improve your diet. How much of each do you need on a daily basis? Thats where your food pyramid comes in, mix it up and try to eat healthy! I hear a voice from the past saying "Vegetables are your friends" I think we have all heard that before, and now we now how true it is.

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