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Can we Separate Science from Ideology – No

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"Can we Separate Science from Ideology - No"
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The more I hear scientists defending science the more it starts to sound like a religion.That is the position I have been moved into by the weight of scientific opinion. If science as a discipline is practiced correctly, then we should have an open minded group of individuals who are as ready to accept the gulf in our lack of explanation as readily as our understanding of the world around us.

If next week some incredible miracle is caught on film somewhere in the world, an angel whisking a small child from the path of a hurtling truck, then unless it can be repeated in controlled environment in a double blind fashion then it might as well have not happened.What the modern scientist is doing is producing a set of rules and values that unless adhered to will not be confirmed as a recognized fact.This is an ideology.

If you look at the language of some of the modern myth busters and debunker's who invade our television programing, it is the language of the fanatic, narrow and self serving, a closed circuit.

The laws and principals that many new and experimental sciences such as nano technology are sciences of theory, provable only in mathematical and metaphorical senses, they will change next week, next month and next year, and rightly so as it grows and learns, but for scientists to allow themselves this luxury and then call the rest of us deluded for believing anything that does not have a scientific basis, smacks of the rooted ideologist. In a perfect world science and ideology would never cross paths, but that world is not our own.

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