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Can we Manage Time

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"Can we Manage Time"
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The Coordinated Universal Time is arranged and coordinated to guide and help many activities of different people of all parts of the World on the Earth. This is taken as a reference for all time of the Universe for easy comparisons and human-imagination.

Universal Time is manged in the interests of  every person to manage his/ her time with better skills of  time management & self-behaviour.

Clock or the Indicator of time can be called a Resonance Indicator or Recorder.

Every body, small or big, in the Universe seems to be changing, moving and influencing others.

Some take longer time, whereas others are faster and hence take shorter periods of time for the same change or movement.

Time durations vary from micro seconds to multi-billion years!

Some particles or bodies take years to change or influence others, while some other bodies take just a fraction of a micro second, to change and influence the surroundings.

Light travels at the very high speed of 299,792,458 metres per second, while the movement of nematodes, the small microscopic worms that live in the soil, is hardly noticeable.

Thus we can say the light is very fast and the nematodes are too slow.

Thus both high and low speeds depend on the period of time during which one travels or changes.

Change can be either in itself or in other bodies nearby, as an influence.

Change is the only thing found to be constant in the universe, but at different speeds.

Changes and travels can be clocked to check how much time they are taking to reach their targets.

When any one body meets the target, three things are achieved. One is its meeting the target. The second one is that the target is meeting the body. The third one is the outsider who has observed their meeting to his or her satisfaction.

When these three happen together, we can say resonance occurs. We can then say, the resonance is indicated by our clocks of time. The clock can become a third body observing the first two meet.

The clock thus is the witness of the occurring or the meeting. It registers the time at which the two bodies meet.

We can also say that the clock records the time at which the resonance of the three things takes place.

The three things are, (i) the body moving towards the target, (ii) the target it self and (iii) the recorder or the observer's clock.

Thus the clock can be called, the indicator of the meeting.

So, it can also be called, the resonance-indicator.

Normally nobody can stop or start time, which is an ongoing time, from times immemorial or unknown !

Only the Scientific-Almighty or God, a Supernatural Power, different names and forms, can manage the Time.

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