Can Science Settle the Question of whether Money can Buy Happiness

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"Can Science Settle the Question of whether Money can Buy Happiness"
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Money will never be able to buy you perfect happiness. Science will never be able to solve this age old problem because the happiness money brings is a false sense of security. People that do not have money worry about how they are going to get money. People the have no worries about money worry about how they will keep it.

People's life styles tell most on what make a person happy when it comes to money. A person that manages their money well, will still have worries about money. Economy and cost of living are what make people less bothered by the money woes.

The burdens of bills and cost of living are a economic science. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out money makes people happy. When you can provide for your families needs with out the stress of worry in todays times. You still get a false sense of security.
Money is not a sure thing nor will it ever be.

Our dependence on money is one of the necessary day to day things we must have to survive. We are most happy when we have some extra cash in our pockets. To be able to buy something and not have to worry about the percussions of doing so. The average American thinks they have it so good.

We have become so comfortable with our life styles and dependent on natural resources to aid in our quest for comfort and for financial well being. We have been blind sided and now wonder how we would survive if these precious things that make our life's so simple were taken away.

Money is power! Money makes the powerful rein supreme. Money gives them the life style they prefer but it will never be enough to make them completely happy. Science will never be able to dissect the reasons why money makes us happy. No more than we can distance our selves from the facts that money dependency on the average person can make us any less Dependant.

Money is just a tool for for survival. No more no less! Our happiness depends on how we look at our own individual circumstances. It is always better to have it and not need it. Than to need it and not have it. The story of life goes on.

Happiness is a life with no worry. People can be very happy and not ever have one cent in their pocket. People at the poverty level are more close knit than people that have money. They depend on each other for survival.

They work together as a unit instead of letting their money work for them. Eventually the rich person that thinks they are happy will loose faith when they find themselves in the same boat as the poor.

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