Can Science Settle the Question of whether Money can Buy Happiness

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"Can Science Settle the Question of whether Money can Buy Happiness"
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I don't know if you would want to call it science. The question of whether money can buy happiness could easily be answered by the American Population. Simply interview one hundred people; Fifty wealthy people and fifty poor people. Ask them various detailed questions such as, are they married or single? and the reasoning behind their answers. Do they have or want children? Reasonings behind those answers. Ask the rich, What is the most important thing, they spend their money on? How would they feel if they were to be put on a small reasonable budget per month? And what would they lose or miss out on in the process?

Ask the poor people all those questions except for a few of them, the opposite.

Money does seem to play a huge role in whether people prefer to be married or single. It all depends on how the money was accumulated to begin with. More of the wealthier people, who accumulate their wealth as single people, choose to remain single. Those who marry into the wealth, either remain married for a certain long period of time in order to remain in contact with the supplier or fail to remain faithful due to the wealthy person they married.

A higher percentage of poor people, seem to be more satisfied and remain in a happier marriage if no wealth was involved.

The future of having children also play a huge role when it comes to being wealthy. Many of the poor families are more content with settling down with children and seem to remain happier that way, more than wealthier people. The richer single people seem to not want the burden of raising children as it will take away from their free life of money filled happiness.

Regardless of the amount of money someone might have, it always seems as though they get used to having to live with that amount at a regular basis.

The more wealthier people are used to spending money on luxury items and not having the concerns of costs or having to do without. The poor get used to not having enough money to do what they want and are used to doing without.

Does money buy happiness? Yes! It has its goods and it has its bad side of the coin. It all depends on the attitude of the person who gets it. Money can surely change a persons lifestyle, or plans for a lifestyle. Some for the good and some for the bad.

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