Can Science Settle the Question of whether Money can Buy Happiness

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"Can Science Settle the Question of whether Money can Buy Happiness"
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Science is the study of the physical and natural world and phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment. Now, how are we going to connect the meaning of Science to our lives?

First, the logic or rationale on how and why money has always been sought by anybody is always a big factor. Sure money can buy you happiness, but just to a certain extent. However, money to other people who have made millions uses their money to buy booze and controlled substance to make them happy. Is this the kind of happiness they sought for? After getting a small dose will advance to a double dose then triple, then more and more, until they loose their minds and money. Since they used their money to buy happiness in the wrong way, some of them would wake-up not even having a roof over their head. Yes, money can buy temporary happiness through controlled substance but it breaks a person.

In ancient times the controlled substance was used as a remedy for some types of illness. Take for example cocaine when used prevent cavities. However, due to the advancement of Science other people use it to get happy, I would say in the wrong way. Pain killers, sleeping pills are a cure but others use it to make them happy. I wonder what kind of senseless happiness do they feel by using their money to buy and get high or as they say happy with controlled substance.

In my opinion happiness is something that comes from within. Money can buy happiness or happiness can make you feel you have money? A person may have a lot of money and yet they crave for more. On the other hand a person may not have a lot of money and yet he feels happy and contented in his life making him feel like he's a millionaire.

Ask yourself if you have a lot of money what will you do? Will you buy mansions, the most expensive cars, the most sparkling jewelries, the best fashionable clothes, or let's say anything that your heart desires. By the way, have you thought about donating some money to a charitable institution?

The passion for wealth, I wonder if they have a limit on how much money do they want to have to say it's enough to stop whatever illegal activities they're doing after attaining their millions, billions or even trillions. I wonder for some people who got ill gotten wealth, why would these people whose love for money made their life difficult for themselves and for their family.

I have been very observant. I noticed that kids who have been spoiled by getting whatever they want at a tender age end-up in the wrong direction when they grew-up. It's either they got hooked in booze, controlled substance, gambling, becomes irresponsible, womanizer, have a child in their early teen age or get married early since she's pregnant. The Science of psychology wherein parents play an important role is likewise contributory to their children's future and happiness. The parents of these children simply gives whatever their children desires due to lack supervision. The kids who already have everything they can wish for looses their aspiration in life.

I analyze how people behaved and how they achieved their goals. I always tell myself, money is just there it depends on how you pick it up. It may be true that science is contributory since our brain process the way we want to behave and react to things around us.

Nowadays, we can no longer tell if the beautiful woman we met is naturally beautiful or had a procedure done so she'll have the goddess look that she had always wanted. If you have money, why not make yourself beautiful to make you happy, thanks to Science. However, some people who have lots of money become addicted to all the types of facial and body surgeries to a point that they can no longer smile since their face have been stretched so much. When liposuction was first introduced as a breakthrough in removing fats a lot of people died. These people wanted to be happy but they end-up in the cemetery.

It is through Science that childless couples have kids and I was a beneficiary of this Scientific breakthrough. I would say it's a magnificent contribution to mankind. Indeed, this Scientific breakthrough made a lot of people happy with the use of money. We need to multiply so there's continuous progress and development so the next generation can continue to develop other forms of Science that will give progress to humanity.

Can Science settle the question as to whether money can buy happiness? All I can say is, Science was created to be used and not be abused. It's all in the mind!

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