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Can Science Save the Planet

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"Can Science Save the Planet"
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When we look into history we see that the planet has advanced in technology a few times to a disastrous end. Life as we knew it on the planet ended to bring about a new and brighter beginning. We look at science and marvel at how far it has progressed from the first vaccination to the wonders of quantum physics. All branches of science have made progressive leaps and bounds. The one leap that appears to fall short is that of saving mankind.

We cannot save mankind from its own Ego and Greed. Only each individual could do that. Can we save it from the coming Planet X? Perhaps a lucky few that the governments deem worthy. The rest will stand to fend for them self. Our awareness of coming disasters is marred by our believe that we will survive, so we just carry on like nothing is happening. It is time for a major wake up call to mankind. We have polluted our own water sources. We have strip mined our forest industry. We have annihilated our animal live and our farming industries. We are currently mining out our gems and crystals, and are being controlled by a few financially. Our oil and gas prices rise constantly to meet supply and demand. Our media is constantly injected with bad news, to the point if it isn't a major gross thing it would never have the ratings to carry forward or be news worthy. Can we save mankind? Only on an individual basis could this be possible because change requires one must feel the need to change. Most do not and that is the reason we cannot save mankind today.

Science in all its glory, and trust me when I say scientist of today have much to be pleased about cannot save this planet. When Planet X comes and be sure it will, we will have two suns in the sky for a period of time which will change Earth's face completely. Planet X is eight times the size of Earth and the gravational pull, the radaition being sent our way will change our own weather patterns to an extreme that science cannot predict. Our science falls short when devastation of the world comes into the picture. Planet X is already said to be the major factor in our current rise in natural disasters and it is off of Pluto currently. We can only imagine what will happen as it passes by Earth's orbit. How could we even expect science to handle this situation, though we know stout of heart scientist will surely try.

However, opening our eyes, seeing what could possibly come, each individual can make a difference in saving the human race, we can always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The planet will come back to life and when it does, it will be a glorious place to be.

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