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Can Human Beings Change the way they are

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"Can Human Beings Change the way they are"
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Change is a by-product of growth. Everything in our lives changes, at some point or another. Our looks may change.  Our responsibilities towards others may change. it is no wonder, we must adapt to these changes  and perhaps change ourselves in the process. Our perspectives and ways of thinking, often times must change. It is not always easy to change. Yet, it can be done. Therefore, we can all relax a little and simply go with the flow. Change is inevitable.

We can look at change in a number of ways. Change can be considered a transition. Changing your attitude and way of thinking can be considered growth in some aspects. Change can be considered maturity. I'm certain looking at situations in the same way as you did a few years ago,a decade ago or even yesterday may reveal a different perspective, from the one you have today. See there, you may have changed without  even being aware of it.

We often look forward to our children changing into responsible adults. Sure, we enjoyed  their childhood years, but weren't you ecstatic the day you changed that last diaper. Just speaking of changes, aren't we?

Perhaps, you have always been a type A personality. You know the type, the one always in control of things. That may have been the way it once was. Times are changing fast.  Why not relinquish some of that control and change with these fast moving times?

Some of us may identify ourselves as independent individuals. Alas, there may come a time when you might need to depend upon others. How does that work for a person who has been very independent? it may take some time to accept  that changes will have to be made . Change can be a slow and tedious process. 

Some people, may not want to change direction in their pursuit of success or happiness. However, it may be more than one direction to achieve your desired goals. We must all agree, a state of stagnancy won't get you anywhere. So stop standing still and change directions. After all, forty going north isn't an easy hill to climb.Detours along the way may lead you down avenues you may not have noticed, unless you changed directions.

Once we have an Aha moment,a revelation and a change has occurred  to some degree. Let's hope, the changes  we make our advantageous to ourselves and the people we care deeply about.

Some husbands wish their wives would be more appreciative and less argumentative. While, some wives may hope their husbands change their ways as well. Changing is not a sacrifice and is really no big deal,  if you love them. 

We can all tweak our personalities and change just a little. The changed you, might just be more compatible with this fast moving and changing life. We can all change, if we so desire to change.

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