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Can Human Beings Change the way they are

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"Can Human Beings Change the way they are"
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Can we as humans really change anything about ourselves? Is growing, physical, mental and spiritual growth a real change or just part of life's natural progression, like walking along a path. The scenery seems to change but really it's only us moving along the path noticing different things along the way and as such nothing is really changing. Or is it? Everything changes and is never the same way twice, if we rewalk that path everything along it has changed, even if it is just a small growth of a tree on the edge of the path.

I had a snippet of a dream memory last night. Again my dreams mostly seemed to vanish on me waking up. I did remember that I was in an office environment again, a common dream stage for my dreams. There was a new account code given to me written on a sheet of A4 size paper. It's telling me the old code has changed to a new code. At first I am thinking all the codes have changed but then I find that it is only this one particular code that is changing. It's a 6 digit number and has 3 letters and 3 numbers, like SRN647 changes to AVX414. The dream contained lots more but I couldn't remember any more.

I have heard it said: "Everything will only be different when you change and are different." The unhappiest, saddest people are the ones that actually change the least. They are not convinced in themselves that they can actually start afresh. They often believe that they cannot truly be different, and that they can't really change. So they are locked into thinking that they must continue leading their unhappy lives as they are now, forever.

Is this true, what is it that changes and makes me different anyway? I am as I am, but to be more aware and conscious and grow in spiritual and personal insight, what has to change? Is it really a change or more a growth that has to take place? Does a tree change or just grow away from its smallness? Is not everything serving me now and I build on it to grow from that. So it's not so much changing something, but using it to step up and grow from where I am.

So where does the fine line of truth run here then?

Well it's like this I thought to myself, my dream is showing me that a real change has taken place in the office. This is a direct change and needs to be allowed into my mind to enable proper functioning at work and to enable me to do my job properly. The change was a minor one that I originally mistook for a major one. All change takes place one step at a time in life. Nothing jumps past a step, nothing is ever missed in anyone's life. At the same time massive change can take place, as in a health crises. But even then you must move ahead slowly from that to achieve the results that this change is bringing. Ignore the lessons and you might just die the next time this massive change hits you again.

Change is a movement from an old state to a new state, so the growth of a tree is a part of its changing life. The change of its position if someone actually moves or relocates it, is a change with which it has little control over and this change is forced upon it and so sometimes it will adapt and sometimes it will die. Change to be effective must usually be from the inside out. An outer change coming in can sometimes just destroy the connection to the inner source of life or the heart of the living organism. Other times the organism is strong enough to adapt and change, but it is better to change more gently from inside ourselves than to be forced to change from outside ourselves.

The biggest factor in real change is to be able to adapt to the new conditions and then allow them to widen your personal boundaries so that you are living from a bigger circle of aware consciousness. This change lifts you to a new attitude based on a wider view and seeing more of the bigger picture. The more connections and the more of the overall big picture you are aware of, the more you can live from a larger framework of real awareness of all that matters. The more you cut yourself off from growth and change, the less connections and the smaller is your view of this picture. So real change is always growing you to increase your horizons to take more in and to drop away the previous horizons to see the new sun arising freshly, newly each new day. Allow yourself to see everything as new and have no limited confining views on life and you must then move past and forward propelled by the spurt of growth that only comes from something new entering your psyche. See everything as new, and you will see something new, something different every time you look at anything new or old that enters or comes into your life.

Most living comes out of having a sense of openness to what is continually streaming into your life. You can worry too much about not seeing this stream of love always coming to you and carrying you along. Please just for today, don't worry about trying to bring the love or to feel yourself being carried by it. Just open yourself to feeling it is, and it has never left you. Just accept your life and allow the love to take you to its source and stop trying to row your own boat the other way to the source which you think is the source but is only ever your own ego. Love is the driving power and mover of life, ego is the rudder that you can use to direct it a bit but the rudder is not the power or the source. You have ego to allow you freedom of creative movement in this great ocean of love. You are not just tossed around randomly on this great ocean, no you are allowed to sail it yourself and to explore it where you will. Don't just stop at an island for too long thinking that's all there is because your ego thinks it has found yourself a small island in the great ocean. No, the island is only ever a resting place for the soul and not a creation of the ego. The ego as the rudder is still controlled by you as the soul. You have a certain goal and purpose in this your life, so sail forward with some resolve and allow your soul to captain your boat and be you on this great ocean enough that you wont just be swamped by the waves. Even when you are being swamped by life you are still that still small boat that is experiencing life and so remember you are not the ocean in this your life, you have been created as soul now to sail the oceans and discover its source which is God and his love.

So we as humans can change, in one way we are always changing one way or another. Nothing stops changing, nothing remains the same. The only thing for us humans to do is to change our own perception so that we then grow into the awareness of the continual change going on at all times around us and in us. If we change our perception to acknowledge this change we will change and grow. If we remain closed to the change that is happening around us and inside us we will still change but we will always be unhappy because we are not an aware part of the change through acceptance and allowing of the growth that is natural and necessary for all life. So really the only real change we can make is to change our attitude, and with that small change a multitude of other changes will come about simply because they are now welcomed and noticed and not being blocked by our egos anymore. A negative attitude and unhappiness is usually a sign that your ego is operating and wants something more. It also wants change but it wants it as change from what is, from what is truth, and from what cannot be changed, but more has to be fundamentally accepted and what when accepted allows us then to change. And that's the paradox, truth cannot be changed but truth, it is the change agent to change us forever.

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