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Can Human Beings Change the way they are

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"Can Human Beings Change the way they are"
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I love to read the titles of articles. I often wonder whether I should write an article in certain categories because I have a world view which is in the minority. At the same time, a question is asked, I believe I have the answer, and to not give it simply because I feel most people will not accept it is also folly. So fully understand that many will not agree with this position, I present it to you perhaps simply for your entertainment and maybe to give knowledge to some who would like to understand how others look at questions like this.

Can a human being change the way they are? No they can not. As a Christian, I believe that in the very beginning, God created man and woman. From those two people, every human being in existence today has descended. Before those two had a chance to bear children, they disobeyed God. Before that, they were perfect and sinless. After they sinned by disobeying God, the human heart was corrupted. Ever since that time, every human who has ever been born has been born with that corrupt heart.

I give this little history lesson to establish a basic foundation for the way this question is to be answered. If a human is born with a basic dispensation towards evil, then it will take a renewed heart in order to allow a person to change. The question is, "Can a human being change the way they are?" I don't believe that human can change their basic nature. They need an outside force to make that change. That is where God comes in. No, a human being can not change the way they are, but God can change the way they are.

And that is what a certain branch of Christianity known as Calvinism teaches. It says that man is totally depraved and unable to please God in any way or do good with a pure motive. It requires God to show his mercy and grace to that person and when God does this, he give that person a new heart. With that new heart, that person is now able to change dramatically and in a manner that is life changing and permanent.

Without a true relationship with God, any changes that we make are superficial at best and only deal with the symptoms of our life and not the foundational problem. The problem people have is that they need a relationship with God. Only he can draw people to himself because at their core people do not want to serve God the way that he wants us to serve him.

He gave his Son Jesus Christ. First, with corrupt hearts making us enemies of God and sin bringing judgment on us, we needed a means by which we could be made acceptable before God. His son Jesus Christ, came to earth and lived a sinless life and then was killed to carry on his back all the sins of the world. If this sounds far fetched that one man can pay for billions of men, just remember Jesus is not just a man but also God himself. God is an infinite being with infinite value. If God pays an infinite price, then what that infinite price pays for is unlimited. It covers the payment necessary for every life that God chooses to save. Secondly, by Jesus dieing on the cross and being raised from the dead, it demonstrates Gods, great love for us (by willing to give such a price), shows his power and shows his acceptance of he sacrifice made (because he raised him from the dead).

I know this sounds preachy, and I apologize, but the key to our ability to change is from God and there is a specific way to get to that change and so I felt it necessary to lay out that basic road map. There is no other way for a human being to really change. When people logically apply these truths after they have entered into relationship with God, then the answers are all there. For example, how can a white man be racist against a black man that God sent his son to die for. A Christian is forced to say, "If God values him, then I better value him." The same with helping those in need, "If God saved me from death by sacrificing himself, then I need to do the same." The questions are endless and all point to an acknowledgment of Gods great love for us drawing out a desire to demonstrate that same love to others.

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