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Can Human Beings Change the way they are

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"Can Human Beings Change the way they are"
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The answers to complicated questions usually start in the same way: it depends' or to an extent'. The question of whether or not a human being can change is no different. The question refers to the nature-nurture' debate. The debate questions whether humans are who they are from birth, because of genetics, or whether they are shaped mainly by their experience, and the environment in which they live. If we are totally shaped by genetics then we can only change to a certain extent. If we are shaped primarily by our experience then whether or not we can change depends on our next experiences.

Unfortunately it is difficult to prove one way or another, and so we are forced to use logic. However the logical answer would still come back to the same start. There are some things that humans will always find difficult to change, no matter how much they want too, or how advanced science becomes. We will probably always love doing certain things, or hate doing others. We will probably always love certain people, no matter how much we'd like to do otherwise. After all, would you want to change completely? If you did you would not really have changed, but have swapped yourself in entirety for someone else.

But then again, if we didn't change at all we'd end up doing the same things all the time. Certain parts of ourselves will inevitably change in response to our changing environment. In twenty years time you may be able to control a virtual reality centre, even though you've never heard of one now. But beyond this, although we find ourselves doing certain things out of habit and subconscious thought, we choose others. Everyone does what they want to do at the end of the day. Maybe you say you don't want to go to work in the morning? But then you still go. Why? You go because there are certain negative implications for you and your loved ones if you do not go. Therefore, although going will not make you happy, you still choose to go because not to would make you sad. Life is full of such choices. So you can't blame your sub-conscious for who you are forever. You do whatever you want whenever you want. You are free, and as a free person you will probably change at some point. The extent to which you change, only you can decide.

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