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Can Human Beings Change the way they are

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"Can Human Beings Change the way they are"
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The majority of human beings, people, exhibit behaviors stemming from the culmination of a plethora of different things adding up to the sum of who they are as a whole. As I see it, a human being can, absolutely, change the way they are, what they cannot change however, is WHO they are.

You see, it's your behaviors that make-up the way you are, or the way you seem to be from other peoples perspectives. Who you truly are at heart though, is simply who you truly are, regardless of the way you either seem to be, or are seen to be by others. Confusing isn't it?

For example:

Usually, when a person becomes unhappy, he, or she will generally display this unhappiness through negative, sad, or solemn behaviors, just as a person experiencing joy and happiness will generally display his, or her happiness, through a series of positive, energized, giddy and/or excited displays of behavior. Such changes in behaviors are common, occurring frequently for some, and infrequently for others. Personally, I do not believe peoples behavioral displays determine who they are, rather only how they are, in my opinion that is, due to how they are feeling at that particular point in their life.

As for me, well I believe you are WHO you are, just as I am who I am.

I'll provide you with another example for a bit more clarity:

Whenever my husband attempts to describe me to someone who hasn't ever met me he usually just says:

"Susie is Susie. You can't define her, she just is who she is."

From my own personal perspective, this precise illustration of me made by my husband is by far the most honest definition of me I've ever heard, and I'm truly grateful to him for it.

Why, you ask? Well the truth is, it's because I wouldn't choose to be anybody else ever, and it is simply because I am who I am, and I've absolutely no desire to be anybody else other than who I am already. As for WHO a person really is at heart, well, I honestly believe who we are, is who we are, in other words, I am who I am, which is what God told Moses when Moses asked God to show his-self.

Now, as far as my behaviors are concerned, just like all of the other people in the world, at times I too experience behavioral changes. Such changes generally occur when my level of contentment is altered. That's normal, right? Right!

Now, do the changes in my behaviors alone determine I'm no longer who I am? I don't think so. What they do determine however, in my own personal opinion of course, is that I may need to consider modifying my behaviors in order to get back to behaving the way other people find appropriate, which often times isn't who I really am, rather it's me being who they want me to be, instead.

Hmmm? Not only do I disagree with this scenario, I personally no longer choose to live my life for the pleasure of others. Would you?

Now, I'm going to share with you a very important life lesson I was taught many, many years ago, though I must admit even now, at 43 years of age, I absolutely do still struggle with truly owning it. Here goes...

A very long time ago, a nurse at my early childhood doctor's office said to me, "You never need anyone else's approval, rather all you ever really need is the approval of your own self. The thing is, once you approve of your own self you will know just WHO you are, and once you truly know who it is that you are, and you accept yourself completely, everything forward will be just fine." Her name was Colleen by the way, and she will forever remain a hero in my eyes, because she taught me that I am OK being just WHO I AM, just the WAY I AM.

If I may, I suggest believing in your own self fully, and then, keep on believing after that.

Be WHO it is you are really meant to be. Once you do so you will have the power and confidence you need to  get on out there and live... I mean, really LIVE!

Now, just do it!

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