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Can Animals Detect Cancer in Humans

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"Can Animals Detect Cancer in Humans"
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To say definitively animals can or cannot detect cancer in humans would be a false statement without extensive research to back it up. At best we can make an educated guess on the matter. That being out of the way there have been several cases over the years of animals seemingly being able to sense when someone is close to death, and i myself have seen these happen.

A close friend of mines grandfather who died recently of terminal cancer was taken as a lifetime wish to see some wolves in an enclosure not too far from where i live. When they arrived at the place they were told that the alpha male wolf would likely react aggressively to him as he usually did with all males of any species. When we got near the cage though the male wolf came over, sniffed around and could sense that that man was no threat to him, and that he didn't have long left, and he lay down beside him in on his side of the cage. This brought all of the others over as well, and before long he was petting them through the enclosure fences as if they were his own dogs. The caretaker said the male had never reacted like that to anyone before, especially not a male, so i think it could tell what was going on.

As for animals being able to detect cancer I'm not so sure, I'm sure they can tell better than people when someone is near the end and when they're dying, but this could be a slight difference in how they smell, the heat they give off or anything, not necessarily that they have cancer. Animals can sense someone who might be dying from any ailment, not just cancer. Which leads me to believe that animals cant detect cancer particularly, but can detect any severe illness or when someone is nearing the end.

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