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Bizarre UFO Sightings

I believe there is a number of UFO sighting that are not paid attention to often in the news. These include four UFO incidences and seem bizarre due to their lack of acknowledgement in the news. These include four UFO sightings that are rarely revealed in the news.

There was a bizarre UFO sighting in Milan, Italy not too far from the L'Aguilla earthquake area in central Italy. There was another UFO sighting in Izmir, Turkey at the same time as the one in Milan. Back in 1999 there was the similar situation where a UFO was sighted before the deadly earthquake in Western Turkey. Could these sightings try to warn us about what was about to come with the earthquake? What is even more puzzling is that I had a dream just before the earthquake that there was something like an airplane or air force fighter jet crashing into an Italian city. During this time there were two UFO researchers in Italy documenting these strange objects from the sky. These objects could have been from NATO or Italian air force.

Another bizarre UFO sighting was the Val Johnson incident in 1979.He was sheriff patrolling late at night in Warren, Minnesota, when a bright object in the sky temporary blinded his vision. He lost memory briefly from the incident. This would be over 30 years and no clue of what really happened that night. He later documented his experiences and no one really knows went on.

There was scientist that examined the damage to his car and found unusual burn marks and melted lights. Could of this been a brief collision with an airplane of some sorts or a small air force jet? The UFO experts did not think this damage to his patrol car was not from a man made object of any kind. Consider there was Grand Forks Air Force base around one hour away. It could have been some sort of secret air force project.

There was a UFO sighting in Fargo, North Dakota in 1948. This was called the Gorman Dogfight because of the North Dakota Air National Guard keep on trying to follow the UFOs which where appearing it over the city of Fargo. Gorman was a veteran World War Two Pilot. After the incident he gave a sworn account of his experiences to federal investigators. This plane climbed at a high altitude and went as far as 25 miles out of Fargo to chase the UFO.

The 2008 UFO Sightings in Turkey were bizarre due their visual aspects in the local news and many people viewing them in a two-month period. There was a UFO research center in Turkey called Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center. This research center investigated these sightings. Some sightings, in Turkey, where so visible you could see the metal on the UFO.

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