Buying Lottery Tickets Reflecting on the Behavior of those who Play the Lottery

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"Buying Lottery Tickets Reflecting on the Behavior of those who Play the Lottery"
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The lottery is the single biggest scam out there today. On the other hand, the lottery is the best thing that we have going today in terms of raising revenue. The lottery is a double-edged sword, and why we play the lottery says a lot about us. Everyday I see people standing at the lotto machines for hours, and some people just spend the entire day, or the entire night just playing lottery tickets. For some it is an obsession, while for some it is a guilty pleasure. Why do people play the lottery?

The lottery seems like a guilt-free way to gamble. If you don't think that the lottery is just another form of gambling, you are kidding yourself. However, it is easy to see why people would prefer to play the lottery, especially after seeing people winning millions. Why not try to put your dollar in if you think that you can win 98 million dollars? The problem is that for every person that wins the millions that the lottery offers, many just throw money away.

Scientists say that when people have less money, they tend to be more desperate. This makes sense, and since the lottery offers a get rich quick opportunity, why wouldn't people throw everything they have into it? However, whenever you play the lottery, you have to remember that the states put in the lottery as a way to make money. How are they going to make money if you win every time? If you think of it like that you might think twice before throwing a twenty into the machine.

Not everyone who plays the lottery is a gambling addict though. I think we all know people who put a dollar a week, or maybe five dollars a week into a lottery game. You put in your dollar, and maybe you might make that money back every so often. It is just something fun to do, and there is no intent to make a living, or try to make it big through the lotto. These people understand that the lotto is just for fun, and if you win a few bucks, you have done alright.

The most interesting group I see playing the lotto are the old people who have nothing better to do. They are retired, or have a nice income, so all they do is just play lotto tickets. They may play more, but they can still afford it, and they do it for fun usually. Every morning I see a line of older people just waiting to get a scratch-off ticket, or to get their lotto tickets. I guess if I didn't have much to do all day I would probably do the same thing.

The lottery means different things to different people. Some play because they feel like they can get rich off the lottery. Some play because it is a fun way to maybe make a few extra dollars. Some play because it gives them something to do. Just keep in mind that the lottery is gambling, and that you should do it with care. Don't expect to win too much, and always put your money in the bank if you want to watch it grow.

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