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The night sky is a treasure trove of jewels, and getting your child interested in it as soon as possible will be a gift like no other. There is a multitude of ways to get kids interested in astronomy and a few are given here.

Get a good kids' telescope

The telescope was invented in the early 17th century and has greatly evolved since then. The ones made especially for kids are generally lightweight and portable - easier for them to set-up, use and move around. Check for features like diameter of lens and eye piece magnification, etc. If the telescope is simple and user-friendly, this will play a huge role in getting and keeping your child interested in astronomy.

Find high quality, astronomy related websites

Advanced websites like the NASA's kids website – could become your next best friend in helping you get your child interested in astronomy. The NASA kids’ club and other sites like it provide many animated and interactive games and videos on space travel for your child’s amusement and education.

Books, toys and games

Interactive and immersive games like Wii and Kinect have made playing games a whole new and expansive experience. Also, projects like making their own rocket will interest and excite most kids, especially boys. The sky is not the limit here; you can investigate what books, toys and games are available — there will be many to choose from.

Take them to a planetarium or space museum

Planetariums are a fun and inexpensive place to visit for kids and adults alike. They are awesome theatres with a dome-shaped projection screen where various simulations of celestial bodies and their movements occur. The aim is to present educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the rich night sky. Taking your kid to a show at the planetarium will open their eyes to the other worlds out there and may create a future astronomer out of your child. Most museums also have an interesting area on astronomy education.

Take them to visit an observatory

Observatories have been constructed for the study of Astronomy and other similar subjects. Observatories are vital educational areas, and you can take advantage of that by finding out when one close to you is open to the public. They have advanced telescopes that should fascinate even the most uninterested child.

In conclusion, allow your child to choose and they will guide you in the direction in which they are most interested. Research shows that children learn best when they are actively engaged. Your kid may not only grow interested in astronomy – but could possibly come to love it and as a result, change the world one day.

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