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Introducing NLP Joseph O'Conner & John Seymour

This book is one of the most comprehensive and readable books on neuro-linguistic programming today. More valuable than tidbits on NLP in half a dozen seduction books, this book breaks down key concepts of NLP and show methods for their application. The aspiring seduction student should read Introducing NLP with seduction constantly in mind. Asking How can this be applied to seduction?' is the best reference point to work from.
O'Conner and Seymour cover all basic concepts of NLP commonly used by seducers, but apply them in general, rather than seduction specifically. The most serious NLP student in the seduction community is Ross Jeffries and his How to Get the Women You Desire Into Bed' show several practical examples of NLP-based seduction. The Glossary' is also invaluable to understanding basic NLP ideas both within this book and their application and use in other books such as Neil Strauss' The Game', and the pitiful section on NLP in R. Gregory Alonzo's Seduce Me! What Women Really Want.'
Especially useful is the section on rapport,' convincer models,' and VAK (visual, aural, kinesthetic) representational systems. O'Conner and Seymour have taken John Grinder and Richard Bandler's The Structure of Magic I' and Frogs Into Princes' and made a comprehensible, readable flow of the material, although these books are not to be neglected for their obtuseness.
Also key to the work is the means of clarifying scenarios and the use of ambiguity for hypnotic purposes. As such, timing of clarity and ambiguity is very useful to the seducer, both during the overcoming of initial barriers and pacing conversation to establish rapport.
To temper all this glowing praise, however, no scientific experiment has been able to replicate results or in fewer words to make rapport formulaic'. One must see this as a limit to the scientific method, since each interaction is a unique blend of formulas set down in a by need' basis rather than the ponderous method of linear line-by-line seductions. Style' from The Game' approaches these two methods via his model of: "First, open. Then demonstrate higher value. Next, build rapport and an emotional connection. And finally, create a physical connection." (p.159) Other flaws were reported by the military after the failed Operation Jedi' in which they attempted to use NLP for military purposes of training super-troops' of sorts.
With those caveats in mind, NLP has advanced, permuted and splintered many times since the publication of Introducing NLP', so take it for a good beginning guide and follow the strand that assists in the seduction skills the reader wishes to further develop.

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