Boiling down all the Worlds Problems

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"Boiling down all the Worlds Problems"
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Now this is a strong statement indeed; and I am not sure that any one
person is capable of doing such a thing because we as humans are complex
individuals. Our chemical makeup is different, our ideas different -
we sure do not look or act the same but we do have much in common. No
matter how much we strive to be a better person, we all have good and
bad in us.
It is ridiculous to point your finger at your neighbor when at your own
back door there are problems at hand, but it happens all the time.
From city to city, region to region, state to state, and yes - country to

When will we realize that the fall of mankind is within mankind? When
will we as individuals living on Earth stand up and take notice of what
is going on around us? It is more than terrorism when in your own
country you have killers walking around free.

What I am trying to say is that some of the human conditions are
terrible and bad does overcome that. We have to realize that and, yes, take a
stand, but in a positive sense.
When one looks at another person and judges that person, that is wrong.
There is a difference between discernment and judgment.

When we look at other cultures and say that we are better than they
are, it only makes us ignorant. How in the world are we supposed to
appreciate something we haven't learned to love our whole lives? How could we
possibly understand?

Just as they cannot ours.

They have good and bad in them just as we do; Some more than others,
just like here.

If you can take a mere responsibility for the way you treat other
people, you are doing the world a good turn. If one cannot realize that and
you blame it on the crime, the pollution and all the other bad things
that we, without knowing, have an affect on every day in some way or
another, then you are adding to the world's problems.

For example, you cannot tell me that you can't think back to one person
you've talked mean to or mistreated in your life that maybe added to
their troubles? Are you sure that these people are good citizens today?
I am not laying 100% blame on you. I am just pointing out how much of
an affect we have without knowing it on the people around us. Everyone
on this earth has an affect on other humans whether they realize it or
not! Wake up!

So I guess in boiling it down, if I were to, I'd say that
nonrecognition of one's self and the way we properly treat each other as human
beings is the keys to boil that pot!

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