Boiling down all the Worlds Problems

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"Boiling down all the Worlds Problems"
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It's probably not what you're thinking, by reading my title. All the problems in the world are created by G.A.S. or GREED, ANGER and STUPIDITY. Any negative aspect of humanity can be categorized under one of these headings.

The greed abounding in the world is resulting in people who "have" wanting more, more, more; those that don't are flung into the same condition of life by resenting those that "have." Rather than make efforts to better their situation, many people will "work the system" to get a free ride, while those who really are struggling can't get help because they fall just short of qualifying for any program that others are abusing. Then there are those who wind up stealing to get what they want, or to survive. When people lose their humanity, they lose all sense of honor. Greed can lead to famine, it can lead to inflation. It can lead to anger.

Anger is war or any conflict that can't be resolved by dialog. It's also an inflamed ego, thinking 'my way is the only way." How many religious wars have been fought throughout the centuries because of this kind of intolerance? Ego also leads to pride, which separates people when they have disagreements that escalate into heated discussion that lead to violence, either of words or physically. People have been killed over ridiculous arguments that could be easily resolved through dialog. When people refuse to communicate with each other, anger turns into a monster of destruction.

Stupidity is ignorance, to be unaware of reality. People can get ill because of stupidity, choosing lifestyles that are unhealthy in their quest to escape reality. Drug use, alcohol abuse, any addiction can be used to avoid that which people don't want to face. Stupidity can lead to pestilence, epidemics of disease, epidemics of fear and paranoia. It causes destruction of the environment, our Eco-system. Each of these conditions feed into the others, creating an unending circle of suffering.

Are there solutions to the world's afflictions of greed, anger and stupidity? If the 20th century has been a century of war, then the 21th MUST become the century of spiritual enlightenment, if the Earth is to survive. The greatest ignorance of all is the ignorance of the greatness of life itself. There is nothing on earth more precious or irreplaceable than the life of one human being. We need to realize the dignity of each person irrespective of our differences in thought, race, nationality and religion. It has to begin with each one of us. We can't wait for others to change, it has to start with the person we see in the mirror every morning. We must develop a world view of life, rather than "what's in it for me?' Gandhi once said to become the change you want to see. Let's all start from this moment on.

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