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There are all different breeds of penguins, much different from the usual you would see in many art and culture types of media. The smallest penguin in the world is know as the little penguin, or rather the little blue. It is also called the fairy penguin because of its small and almost dainty size. They have a sheer blue feathered ruff to them and piercing small eyes. One of their most common physical traits is in fact their blue feathers. They are not a sheer black and blue, but rather truly brilliant light blue. This makes them fairly easy to spot.

These little blue birds have many habits that are slightly different from other breeds of penguins. Since they are mainly found in Australia and New Zealand, (as well as being found in the harsh cold of the Antarctic), they have developed a fondness for human beings. Since being captured in zoos and the like, fairy penguins know what time they are to be fed and start making shrill noises at the zookeepers, almost like a dog waiting for its meal. They also huddled in large groups, and are not often seen by themselves, this is because they are rather shy and like to be with the group they have known and loved.

They also have a very good habit of keeping themselves clean, as they pick their feathers at many a given chance, they do not like to be dirty. Their habitat in Australia are usually big glades and places by the ocean. Since they do not need to rely on the cold, these areas are great for them to bask in the glades and marshes. In New Zealand, it is the same kind of habitat, only a bit colder of course. When the weather chills they like to be by the water at the rocks and huddle together to keep warm. They also do this gesture in the arctic, and bury small crevices to stay warm in. These crevices are usually made of ice, but in New Zealand and Australia, their burrow holes are made of dirt or sand. There have also been sightings of fairy blue penguins in Chile, and it is to wonder how they have migrated there.

Nevertheless, fairy penguins are cute and waddled creatures which are known to be quite docile and quiet, unless they are hungry, then they won't stop begging for food!       

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