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Blizzards do contribute to the depletion of state, and country emergency funds in the United States, thereby affecting the economy. Snow storms cause their share of calamities by paralyzing the normal functioning operations of a region during the snowstorm. The economy loss is due to the lack of normal functioning business operation(s),
and the destruction that hits the province from the storms impact on the community.

When a snow storm hits people may get into an accident because of the whiteout; or become stranded, and end up homebound. Unable to drive, or carry on with normal functioning operations of their lives. A heavy snow blast can result in a collapse in communication networks, electricity, and affect medical problems. Transportation becomes impossible if not down right dangerous. Going to work becomes a problem, schools shut down, businesses close for the duration of the storm therefore affect the economy.

I live in Washington State and when a blizzard occurs most businesses might as well put a closed sign up for the day because people have a terrible time getting around in those conditions; especially on the coast. Unfortunately power outages are likely to happen; and deaths occur in those situations, especially with the elderly. You will hear ambulance sirens, and fire truck sirens going off. Tow trucks will be out pulling people out of ditches and hauling off wrecked vehicles. The losses and gain varies during a heavy snowstorm.

Schools are likely to close, lights are likely to go out during a blizzard. If you don't have a generator than your facility wont be adequate or function properly, specially for food businesses. Every establishment needs their lights on and a working cash register to operate. If a corporation is closed for even one day they are loosing money. The longer their enterprise stays closed the more the financial loss is. And the cost of any damage due to the snow blast. Snow blasts with high winds are known to knock down trees, and cave in roofs.


People unfortunately die as well in these conditions, even after the blizzard has passed. Sometimes because they were stranded and not found in time or because their homes had no heat; due to downed power lines. In addition, health consequences from the cold temperatures happen such as: frost bite, and hypothermia from exposure. Or perhaps the cases of heart attacks while shoveling snow.

The financial expense accumulates for individuals, countries, and states during a blizzard. For individuals the loss can be in many areas from: increase in hospital visits / medical bills, loss of work, closed schools therefore daycare expenses, and loss of pay for school staff.

Crashing trees on houses, building, and vehicles cost. Clean up crews are needed on roadways where trees collapse which costs the county. The collapse or damage of utility poles, and power lines are also affected by snow storms. Along with frozen pipes and freezing temperatures that affect the wellbeing of elderly, and babies which cause a rise in deaths related to the storm.

Businesses That Prosper Any business that can get out there and help will proser in those conditions. Hospitals will see a rise in the number of patients, emergency crews will be called, fire departments will be busy, ambulances, road work crew and other emergencies. Plummer s will be called from busted pipes, road crew will be needed. And many others that get out there and make a difference in repairing, or saving lives, etc. Surprising, though... that during a storm pizza places also have a spike in calls if they are still operating. Also grocery stores and hardware stores will have an increase in customers trying to stock up or buy plows, shovels, etc.

Clean Up Federal disaster funds might be needed for the clean up which affects the whole countries budget or lack of one. The city will have to pay for clearing off snow from the roads, sidewalks and getting rid off the huge piles that build up. So the city can lose money but the clean up crew will make money and health care workers along with everyone else that was out there working during the winter snow blast. When the connections are out of control FEMA could be called in.

Tips - If there is going to be a snow storm in your area make sure you don't leave your gas tank less than one quarter full. Ice will get in it. It is best to keep your gas tank near full. - Put plastic on windows to keep out some of the cold. - Put a throw rug in front of doors that blow in cold air, or blanket, or towel. - Have candles and matches handy in case of an outage. - Pipes can freeze so wrap those pipes up. Purchase pipe insulators.

- Have a first aid kit. - Have a plow if you need one, or a shovel.

- Hungry? Try ordering from a pizza delivery. You just might get lucky.

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