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Blizzards are treacherous storms.  They are often associated with heavy snow, extremely low visibilities, and high winds that blow and drift the snow around.  The best way to take advantage of blizzards is by making sure you have plenty of emergency supplies for your home, as well your car.

*Check Forecasts

Once you notice there is a major blizzard about to hit your community, stay tuned to future forecasts given by local media.  Watch your local news channels on TV, listen to announcements on a radio, or look up forecasts on websites such as and  Be attentive to potential snow accumulations that could create extremely dangerous conditions in your area.

*Purchase Food and Water

In case you become snowbound, purchase anything you need to eat and drink.  Be sure to buy essential items such as bread, cereals, crackers, canned foods, and snack foods.  A gallon of water is handy in case pipes in your home become frozen.  Powdered milk makes another excellent item in case you run out of milk during your snowbound.

*Have a Shovel and Salt Handy

If you don't have a sturdy shovel and a bag of salt in your home, you can purchase them at a home improvement store.  Use the shovel to prevent yourself getting stranded by the snow at home.  Shovel your walk and salt it as the snow accumulate.  It is best that you shovel the snow about every two hours during the blizzard, but that can depend on the severity of the snow.  By shoveling during the snowstorm, you would not have to create so much pressure opposed to shoveling the snow after the snowstorm.  

*Check Your Home Heating System

For ample warmth, make sure your home heating system is working the way it should.  Use a thermostat and be aware of its working condition.  A fireplace with plenty of wood can become useful if the power goes out and there is no heat in your home.

*Have Your Car Ready for the Blizzard 

If you need to drive in the blizzard, there are still ways for you to stay safe on the roads.  Getting your car in good shape by checking headlights, tires, oil, the coolant system, and windshield wipers is one step.  In case you become stranded on the roads, purchase a mini shovel to dig your car out of the snow.  Make an emergency kit and fill it with things like blankets, snack foods, and a bright hankerchief to flag down police.  Bring a cell phone with you so you can make emergency calls.

Blizzards have been known to be deadly because people become involved in accidents caused by slippery roads and dismal visibilities in the snowfall.  It is best to stay home during a blizzard.  But if you need to venture into the storm, have your car in great shape and be careful driving.

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