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Black Triangles and UFOs, Part One

An examination of the origins of the mysterious UFO’s known as Black Triangles.

Most UFO’s are reported to be the classic inverted saucer shape, but many other reports have seen them in much stranger configurations. One predominately UFO that has sparked a lot of attention since 1980 is the Black Triangles. Similar in appearance UFO’s of this kind have been reported since the 1940’s.

Kenneth A. Arnold’s sighting was the most publicly and earliest recognized “flying saucers” case well before the modern phenomena known as UFOs got started. Kenneth A. Arnold (March 29, 1915 – January 16, 1984) was an American businessman and pilot. On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold was flying at an altitude of 9,500 feet in the Yakima, Washington area when he spotted a gleam in the sky and he suddenly noticed nine crescent-shape UFO’s flying in formation.

The mysterious high-speed objects were traveling more than 1,500 miles an hour. Arnold at first thought these were military jets, but they were so strange looking, and they soon disappeared at a high rate of speed. The encountered left him feeling eerie and a bit shaken. After telling some pilot friends about what he saw, Arnold went to the FBI but found the office closed, and than he reported the story to the newspaper office. The reporter omitted the actual shape of the UFO’s and used instead what Arnold describe as “they flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water.” Thus was born the phrase: Flying saucer.

This is the clue to discovering the origins of the crescent-shape UFO’s and triangles seen now presently worldwide. Another report of this kind was witnessed by military personnel in September 1952 during NATO maneuvers near Denmark & Norway. The Danish destroyer Willemoes, participating in military exercises, encountered a UFO during the night. The Commanding officer and several members of the crew were eyewitness to a triangle shape UFO. The unidentified object exhibited an unusual blue glow and quickly fled the scene at a high rate of speed.

This was just the start of many UFO reports coming from this massive NATO exercises in September 1952. Known as "Operation Mainbrace” several NATO ships and military personnel reported throughout the entire maneuvers of eyewitnessing a succession of UFO’s. Most reports were of circular shaped UFO’s and seen constantly in the vicinity of the NATO armada.

The main question and major concern back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, was who could be operating these unidentified flying objects? The US Military Intelligence knew of Nazi Germany’s successes with early jet aircraft and their attempt to design saucer-shape craft. Confiscated Nazi documents substantiated that fact but the German war machine was destroyed and the Allied Forces had won the war. But documents did state that Germany also had a swept-wing prototype that looked oddly enough like Kenneth A. Arnold’s sighting back 1947 in America.

The Nazi swept-wing Me-163 was powered by a liquid-fuel rocket engine and had a extraordinary rate of climb and if used could have changed the outcome of the war. But in the final months of World War II, American troops discovered a top-secret facility in Germany with a prototype of an advanced batwing-shaped jet fighter. Known today as Hitler’s Stealth Fighter was Nazi Germany’s top-secret newly developed radar-evading technological wonder of it’s time. The first was the Horten H9V1 swept-wing glider was a precursor of a 600 mph jet fighter. The next design was the Horten 229 flying wing fighter/bomber would have been the most lethal fighter craft in the air, nearly undetectable to Allied radar, and meant to be intercontinental. The Horton 229 was generations ahead of it’s time and would have been the world’s first stealth fighter.

The American military and Russian military were very interested in these advances with flying wing air crafts and saucer shape technology as far back as the late 1940‘s. The term “arrowhead” UFO’s started appearing in the 1960’s with reports of flying Black Triangles being sighted. This would continued intermediately over the next ten years before a new wave of Black Triangles started appearing in the 1980’s.

Black Triangles and UFOs, Part Two

Black Triangle UFO’s are perhaps the most interesting and mysterious of all types of UFO’s because of their shape, size, and matching design features that the military have been experimenting on for years. Most of these UFO triangles have been seen way before 1980 and are more prevalent today than ever. Most Ufologist believe these to be possibly US military experimental aircraft, but reports of similar shape UFO’s go back all the way to the 1940’s. Oddly enough, just before the end of the war with Germany, the Nazi regime were working on the Me-163 and the Horten 229 (a swept-wing or triangle shape bomber-jet.). It is common knowledge that many German scientist after the war fled to the United States and Russia, and were able to continued their work to develop jet planes and incorporate the once top-secret swept-wing designs.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s saw an escalation of special high-tech and top-secret projects being conducted by Naval Intelligence, U.S.A.F., U.S. Army, and the CIA, all in the name of defense. During the Cold War hysteria at that time all branches of the US government’s intelligence community were on high alert to construct newer and faster interceptors or reconnaissance craft. Early designs like the huge flying-wing (the YB-49 and XB-47) were large and impressive, but these were ultimately abandon.

Experiments were later conducted on all types of shapes and power sources to essentially to get higher and faster in the atmosphere. Most projects were under the special Black Ops ( Black Operations, a military covert operation typically so secret as to be deniable) programs and were never leaked to the public. However, some projects were made declassified and unrestricted to the masses. The Avro Corporation headed by John Frost in the late 1950’s was developing saucer-shape jet aircraft for the U.S.A.F. and U.S. Army. The military claims to have discarded this design too, but many skeptics believe that the military actually build better designs secretly, and have flown them. If seen from an untrained observer of what they are seeing, than one would take it as a UFO.

The CIA director Allen Dulles in 1954 wanted a spy plane capable of flying higher and faster than the U-2. The result is the Lockheed SR-71. The SR-71 a.k.a. the Blackbird is an advance, long range, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft flying at 85,000 feet. The SR-71 flew between 1964 and was first decommissioned in 1989 due to political pressure, but flew again in the late 1990’s, ending service in 1999. The SR-71 is very striking in appearance and has an impressive record of never being shot down by enemy missiles, the Blackbird simply would out fly them. The SR-71 doesn’t have the shape of the typical triangle UFO‘s, but as more reports came flooding in the 1980’s, Ufologist began an intensive investigation on what kind of craft was invading the skies across the globe.

The Staffordshire, England case lead to a lot of unanswered questions directed to parliament regarding a sudden profusion of triangle UFO’s reports in 1988 and continued into the 1990's. Reports keep coming in to this day of the Black Triangles flying all over England and Europe. Many eyewitnesses notice the same characteristics as “having clearly a triangle-shape with white, red, and green lights underneath or along the sides of the craft, and making absolutely no sound.”

Black Triangles and UFOs, Part Three

In the 1980’s the world saw an enormous amount of reports of Black Triangle UFO’s. Just as the best known black-shape aircraft (SR-71) was being terminated from service, the Blackbird wasn’t shape like a triangle, but the new F-117 was. The United States Air Force had been developing a new stealth plane since the mid-1970’s and had made the secret craft operational by 1983.

The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk is a stealth ground attack aircraft and it’s counterpart is the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit a.k.a. the Stealth Bomber. Both were made operational in the early 1980’s but not officially revealed to the world until November 1988. Using stealth technology much like the Horten 229 fighter-bomber designed in Germany during the last years of WWII forty years before. Deliberately making the aircraft's design a swept-wing or triangle-shape to effectively reduce radar detection.

Was it possible that people all around the world were simply misidentifying the F-117 Stealth craft as the elusive Black Triangle? Reports of nighttime sightings of similar craft occurred in nearly unpopulated areas of Nevada and California before the discloser of the B-2 and F-117. But rarely was the aircraft seen flying at low altitude over populated areas. Black Triangle UFO’s however, are often seen flying in high-population areas, near major interstates, over the U.S., Canada, and other countries all over the world. Not until recently has information been given freely to the public about some of the US military’s most top-secret projects during the 1980‘s.

When England suddenly became besieged by reported cases of flying triangles in the 1980’s and 1990’s, there was an uproar to know the truth on who was flying these craft? British and American investigators of the mysterious triangle UFO’s have discovered just within the first few years of the new century more key clues regarding this phenomena. Inside the Ministry of Defense in England was held startling reports of America’s top secret aircraft projects for the last twenty years.

Recently declassified documents reveal the United Kingdom was purvey to some vital information regarding highly secretive aircraft the USAF was planning to produce. Reports divulge that the main intention was to find a replacement for the Lockheed SR-71 soon to be retired from service in 1989. The goal of the USAF was to create a supersonic vehicle that would follow in the foot steps of the U2 spy plane and SR-71, but would surpass them in reaching speeds of Mach 4 to 6. The classified name given was the “Aurora”. This appeared to coincide with many strange reports of flying triangles that were widespread in the 1980’s. Did the USAF already have a working prototype of the Aurora?

The Aurora has been shrouded in mystery ever since it was known to possibly exist. The Black Project aircraft does have a large amount of scattered evidence of it’s existence. A leak memo in 1985 from the Pentagon stated development of a new hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft that could fly at speeds beyond Mach 6. Many investigators believe the Aurora Project is the reason for unexplained sonic booms over Southern California in the early 1990’s and numerous UFO sightings across America ,and as far as the North Sea. Interestingly enough, the Aurora design itself matches the notorious Black Triangles seen all over the world.

Allegedly operating at the infamous Area 51-Groom Lake in Nevada. The list of rumors and speculation surrounding the Aurora craft is enormous. Supposedly build by Lockheed to be the next generation spy plane but officially denied. Eyewitness accounts have only seen it at night, never clearly photographed, and no real physical evidence has yet to be found. But recently new sightings of an unusual “donut-shape” contrails were photographed, and believed to belong to an unknown supersonic craft leaving at high speed away from Nevada, and has been tracked speeding across America.

Could this be the Aurora or one of it’s many counterparts? More startling information has been discovered about much larger triangle-shape UFO’s occurring in the late 1980’s and the development of new silent running, pitch black, “V“ shape tactical reconnaissance craft. But much like all previous top-secret Black Projects including the Stealth Fighter and SR-71, the US military isn’t talking about what they know.

Black Triangles and UFOs, Part Four

Even though UFO’s sightings have been seen throughout human history, the descriptions have more commonly been reported as “balls of fire” or classic saucer-shape UFO’s, and even long, huge, cigar-shape. But some of the others have been unique and even more intriguing in design as in “box-shape“ or “diamond-shape” UFO’s and Black Triangles. A wave of triangle-shape UFO’s erupted in the 1980’s and eyewitnesses have seen even bigger, ominous triangles, silently hovering in night skies over America’s residential areas. People encountering these “triangle” UFO’s have been reported by local policemen, citizens, and tracked by commercial and military radar. No one seems able to explain what these really are?

An example of this happened in Belgian on November in 1989. Fully documented by the military and police officers, a huge object was seen flying at low altitude, causing sheer panic and fear. The military ordered two F-16’s to intercept and identify the UFO. The pilot’s radar had a lock on the mysterious craft and they could make out a “cone-diamond” shape craft. The strange object accelerated, quickly moved out of radar contact, but as the chase continued, the UFO was picked up again on the two jet’s radar scanner. The pilots could not catch it and the UFO seemed to be playing with them, and soon the UFO disappeared into the night. Returning to the ground the pilots reported the triangle UFO had made exercises at speeds that were impossible, flying in 5 seconds from 10,000 to 500 feet, and that no known technology could do what this UFO did.

Black Triangles have also been reported as large, silent, low-flying objects. As far back as 1982 the US military and Lockheed Martin began working on another top-secret program: The Stealth Blimp. Described as a huge triangle shape vessel that was capable of carrying large and heavy payloads for military troop movement. Built similar to the Stealth bomber it utilized stealth technology, could fly at high altitudes, and it’s dark-coated skin made it nearly impossible to see in the night sky. Some Ufologist hypothesis that many triangle UFO’s are actually experimental military blimps running silently. The USAF denies any such blimp in operation.

But unusual reports beginning in the 1990’s coming out of the South-West of America stated that a triangular shape, quiet-moving object, as big as a football field or about 360 feet long was hovering over several cities. Government insiders claim the military could have developed secretly a triangle-shape blimp of vast size for transport purposes. But sightings of this super-size black triangle has been reported to hover and suddenly fly at incredible speeds away virtually undetectable.

Dramatically, reports of these triangles accelerated in the 1990’s and ranged from enormous to small, low-flying, slow-moving, occasionally fast-moving, hovering, boomerang-shape or triangle-shape, over highways and cities. These sightings are not exclusive the United States but are reported all over the world. The most shockingly aspect about this phenomena is that it’s seen by so many people in plain view.

The SR-71 Blackbird, the once highly classified military spy plane was being retired in 1989. The F-117 Nighthawk Stealth fighter was not the replacement, instead a new Black Ops program called “Aurora” was developing a top-secret plane that could exceed the speeds and capabilities of the SR-71. By the early 1990’s a series of new tactical reconnaissance craft have allegedly been built and made operational. The Aurora Program falls under direct control of the US military, CIA, and NSA. Speculation centers around the triangle-shape TR-2B and TR-3B, nuclear powered, and so exotic looking as to be misidentified as alien technology.

With Code names like the Black Manta TR-2B and the Astra TR-3B, these hypersonic craft can fly in the upper atmosphere beyond Mach 8. The USAF denies the Aurora Program’s existence and such craft as fiction. Black Triangle UFO reports of a very similar vehicle to Aurora were seen in the Ashbourne area of Derbyshire in 1993. All accounts state the strange craft was large, made no sound, and flying over heavily populated areas. These triangles have mainly appeared over Europe, Russia, China, Great Britain, and cities in the United States. Worldwide eyewitnesses claim the triangular craft are always silent, hovering, cruising slowly at low altitudes, have bright white lights, red, and green. Pulsing lights on the corner or bottom of the triangles.

The Phoenix, Arizona lights case in 1997 is fully documented by photographs and videos taken by numerous eyewitnesses. Known today as the “Phoenix Lights” case is a hot topic even today with it‘s huge “V“ shape formation of lights. Over the next ten years sightings of a this “V" shaped mother-ship have been observed with having lights in a crescent-shape. From Tucson to Idaho witnesses described a silent, almost motionless, dark triangular craft filling the night sky covering hundreds of feet across.

The US military has no answers forthcoming about any Black Triangles, Stealth Blimps or the Aurora Program. USAF in 2003 did suddenly reveal it had been working on a hypersonic unmanned craft called the Falcon. The Air Force retired the F-117 Stealth fighter in April 2008 for a more effective stealth plane called the F-22 Raptor. Speculation is still rampant on the possible existence of the Astra TR-B3 and the Black Manta hypersonic craft that might have been used in the Gulf War of the early 1990’s.

Observers say these Black Triangles can move vertically and horizontally with ease. Using technology more advance than were suppose to have. Retired trained military pilots have spoken out that they themselves have witnesses these triangle UFO’s in the skies and recognize that the triangular objects match no known aircraft that they are aware of. The Black Triangles can maneuvers so otherworldly as to be practically alien in origin. UFO’s are real and some are clearly manmade flying objects. But the fact also remains that UFO’s have been out-flying our jets for years and that the Air Force has been trying to catch up.

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