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Black holes are formed by supernovas, which are huge stars blowing up. (Imagine a bomb blowing up. Then imagine something five octillion time bigger-5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times bigger-That is a small supernova!) A black holes gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape. A dot the size of a period from a black hole can weigh up to 3,000,000,000,000 (three trillion) tons! Black holes can pull anything that comes in its path. However, we do not know what happens when two black holes meet. There is a theory though, that black holes have a point where all the matter they suck in comes out. This is called a white hole, and some scientists believe that the end of a black hole is another dimension or universe. They also believe that if the black hole did not have an outer shell (called an event horizon), then the laws of nature could break down. For instance, if the outer shell of one black hole did not exist, then it could organize a huge man in a chicken suit to lay an egg on the sun! It is a strange concept, but according to NASA, all black holes we have found have event horizons. As the Hubble is the only real image view point of black holes, we do not know a lot about them yet.

A black hole is in the center of nearly every galaxy we have discovered. This is called a super massive black hole, almost one hundred times the with of our sun (the average black hole is five times the with of our sun)! We (Ninety percent of Scientists) think that the black holes in the center of a galaxy have something to do with the big bang. CERN is working on a black hole on earth for a split tiny second (1 quintillionth of a second-1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000 of a second) in hopes to discover what happened at the beginning of the Universe! I am pleased to say they are making good progress. The enormous amount of space in the universe (or universes) and black holes makes us realize that it might be pure luck that let us live, and that we are just a tiny spec. A dot the size of period is too big for our solar system if we mapped our universe on all of the Earth. It also tells us that the chance that we are not alone in the universe, that there is an alien race watching over us, that has more powerful technology then us is not a distant idea. There are approximately 7,000 planets that can support life. Maybe one of them has friendly, powerful aliens.

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