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The black-eyed susan is probably the most common wildflower in North America. It is an annual or perennial and is native to the eastern United States. This brightly colored flower has a raised domed brown center and beautiful yellow florets or petals. This brown center makes the name self explanatory.

The blacked-eyed susan was named for a Swedish physician named Olaus Olai Rudbeck. The real name of the black-eyed susan is Rudbeckia. It is a member of the aster family. It's scent and colorful nature attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife. The black-eyed susan is drought tolerant. The roots of the Rudbeckia are sometimes used as an astringent for washing sores and swellings. Native American indians used a poultice of Rudbeckia for treating snake bites and for treating colds and worms in children.

Black-eyed susans love bright sunlight and when planted they have an overall growth rate of 80%. They can grow to a high of 2-3 feet tall. The germination period for black-eyed susans is 3-7 days and the best soil temperature for germination if 70 degrees. When plant this flower the seeds need to only be sewn to a depth of around  1/16 of an inch. The blooming season runs from June until August. Unbelievableas it may sound there are approximately 1,1710,00 seeds in a pound of black-susan seeds. One acre of black-eyed susans can yeild 2 can yeild 2 pounds of seeds

Black-eyed susans make an excellent plant for roadsides, open fields, floral gardens that have a large mix of wildflowers and borders along homes that get a lot of sunlight. They make for a beautiful display in a small yard because of their height. They grow well in almost any area that gets full sunlight.

Because of their bright color and hardiness some real estate agents recommend that homeowners trying to sell their homes during the warm months plant them along the edges of borders and the home to make a house appear more warm and inviting. This type of curb appeal can make a home sell faster. Yellow is considered to be the best color for flowers planted to help any home seller make their home sell better. It is color that the human eye is drawn to and stays in the memory longer than other colors. This little trick can be a big help for home sellers.

Maryland adopted the black-eyed susan as their official state flower. Black-eyed susans make a great flower for decoration inside homes. They have a long cut flower lifespan. They will stay beautiful for 6-10 days in  a vase. The vivid yellow makes for a cheery display.

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