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In a field of study overflowing with high strangeness, a case must stand head and shoulders above the rest to truly be labeled "bizarre." Cases such as the mad French chef who wrote a book about his encounter with tiny winged spaceships the size and shape of soup cans come to mind, or the frightened school children in Papua New Guinea that related a breathless tale of their terrifying pursuit through the mountains by strange lights in the sky and rampaging insect-men. And who can ever forget the 1950s saucer mania inspired by the controversial contactee, George Adamksi?

The following three documented cases from the annuals of worldwide UFO files qualify as truly bizarre:

Annihilation of an African Village by a UFO [1]

According to case files and official reports, a young boy named Laili Thindu who lived in a small, rural village in Kenya, witnessed an unearthly atrocity. During June of 1954, the eleven year old and several friends tended flocks of sheep and goats outside the village of Kirimukuyu. Over several nights the boys spotted strange lights darting about the summit of Mt. Kenya. Having never seen such an unusual sight, the boys speculated on the nature of the lights. First, they decided that the lights must be from huge torches carried by mountain climbers ascending the peak in the darkness.

Later, when the lights began to leave the mountainside and soar into space, Laili and his companions discarded their torches theory and guessed they were seeing the spirits of the dead.

Several nights later as Laili lay in bed he heard the sound of tribal drums pounding out a marriage rhythm. The tribe celebrated the marriage of a young couple that had taken place earlier that day. The throbbing drumbeat penetrated the walls of his crude hut. As he listened to them, without warning the drums suddenly stopped and outside his hut strange colors played over the countryside.

Stepping outdoors he noticed the odd lights that had been appearing every night had left Mt. Kenya and now flew above Kirimukuyu. The saucer shaped lights and glowing orange balls lit up the village with intense multi-colored rays.

The next morning, Laili learned from devastated survivors that most of the villagers - the men and women, dancers and children - had been roasted alive by the searing beams of light that had pulsed in waves from the mysterious glowing objects.

Weeks later the authorities in Nairobi learned of the incident from the boy and the few survivors of the conflagration. The incident was duly recorded in the government and police records and remains today in its archives of the unexplained . . . the decimation of an entire village by a UFO.

The Abduction and Sexual Encounter of Antonio Villas Boas [2]

Certainly one of the more popular bizarre UFO cases, the libidinous tale of twenty-three year old Antonio Villas Boas may live on for centuries. It all began on a hazy morning in the fields of a Brazilian family farm.

The year was 1957 and while the rest of the world dealt with the Tropicana opening in Las Vegas, the passing of Humphrey Bogart and Elliot Ness, and was about to be shocked by Russia's Sputnik, Senor Boas embarked on an historical milestone as well: on that morning of October 16, 1975 he was about to become the world's first human to experience interstellar intercourse.

According to his sworn testimony, Boas was in the midst of plowing the fields when the tractor engine died. At the same moment he spied a large object flashing purplish lights descend ahead of him. As he climbed down from his tractor a hatch opened on the mysterious vessel and space suited humanoids stepped from it. They approached him, took him by his arms and wordlessly escorted him into their ship.

First, they brought Boas into a featureless cubicle and subjected him to some type of medical examination. They stripped him, directed him to lay flat upon a cold metal table, and poured a strange viscous liquid onto his body. Next they withdrew a sample of his blood. Afterwards they left him alone in the cubicle. He stated later that he remained in the little room for what seemed a long period of time.

Just as he began wondering if he could find his clothes and sneak out of there a beautiful, blonde woman entered. She wore no clothing and Boas found himself immediately drawn to her.

Again, according to his sworn testimony, she began to seduce him. Although she did not speak or kiss him, the language of love was clear enough and he understood her intentions perfectly.

He made no resistance.

One thing led to another and he found himself making passionate love to her. Supposedly during this act of stellar coitus she growled like a dog.

Despite the fact that strange aliens had kidnapped him, made him board their craft, stripped him naked and performed medical tests on him, Boas confessed that he felt especially virile. Perhaps the viscous liquid the beings had poured onto him acted as an aphrodisiac. In any case, Boas was soon ready to rejoin the lusty fray.

During an interview by the media investigating his claims, Boas stated that following their sexual liaison, the alien woman pointed at her stomach and then the sky before turning to leave the cubicle.

The UFOnauts were considerate enough to give him the cook's tour of their craft before sending him back to the fields. Every account fails to mention whether they waved good-bye.

More than thirty years later, in 1990, Antonio Boas had become a very successful attorney. He continued to stand by his story.

Aliens Invade Kelly, Kentucky

The famed UFO researcher, Dr, J. Allen Hynek reviewed the data of this incredible case and pronounced it authentic and believable. That's quite a statement. You'll understand what I mean after you read the details of this incident that made world headlines in 1955 and stands as one of the most bizarre cases in the history of Ufology.

On the night of August 12, 1955 the skies opened above Kelly, Kentucky - and all hell broke loose. On that summer night the Sutton farm was overrun with aliens.

It began with a huge, shining object suddenly swooping out of the star-spangled skies over the Kentucky countryside. While getting water from the well, Billy Ray Taylor, who was visiting the Sutton family with his wife, caught sight of an "immense, shining object" in the process of touching down not more than a quarter mile from the farmhouse. Abandoning the pail of water, he ran back to the house yelling to everyone inside about the object. Altogether, eleven people were in the house. They all thought Taylor was joking.

Not long after his aborted trip to the well, the Sutton family dogs began barking, howling and whining. Taylor went back outside with Sutton accompanying him to find out why the dogs were making such a ruckus. Both men stopped in their tracks when they spotted a four foot tall being approaching them. It had its hands raised above its head. Later, the two men told police they'd never before seen anything like it.

The being had large, bulbous eyes, a thin, lip-less mouth, long skinny legs, large bat like ears and gnarled hands shaped like claws. Both men carried guns and they shot at the creature pointblank. Their bullets had no effect on the thing. Instead it executed a lazy back flip and ran into the nearby woods.

Scared, the two men ran back to the house, forgetting about the dogs. A minute later both men spied another of the beings peering in at them through a window. Again, the two men let go with a fusillade from their weapons. Taylor had a .22 and Sutton a double-barreled shotgun. The being ran away evidently unscathed by the bullets and shot. The screen in the window suffered damage. Later police measured the large hole that had been made by the weapons' discharges through a window screen.

Throughout the balance of the horrific evening the small beings appeared and disappeared. Finally, the family made a break for it and escaped the property making for the police station in Hopkinsville. They piled into two pick-up trucks and burned rubber making good their escape.

Later, Sheriff Russell Greenwell sat listening to their fantastic tale, convinced they were joking. Finally, seeing how upset they were, especially the two women, he decided they were telling the truth and that something strange was happening at the Sutton farmhouse. He decided to accompany them back there.

When the Sheriff and some of his men arrived at the farmhouse, no sign of the little beings remained. The officers did note, however, the numerous bullet holes scattered through the walls and windows. Eventually almost two dozen law officers joined the search for the creatures in and around the adjoining woods. They also interviewed neighbors who readily confirmed seeing weird lights moving around the sky and hearing gunfire. After scouring the area and making certain that the Taylors and Suttons were calmed down, the police departed after two o'clock in the morning.

Within minutes of their departure, the alien beings returned. All the earlier events repeated themselves with a vengeance. Once again, bullets and shot had no physical effect on the strange little beings.

Of the eleven people at the Sutton farmhouse the night of the alien attack, four saw nothing. According to testimony given to police, Taylor's wife, June was too frightened to look at the hopping, flipping, jumping beings. A boy named Lonnie Lankford and his two siblings hid during both encounters. After taking the second series of reports and searching the grounds for a second time, the Sheriff called the Air Force, which was running Project Blue Book at the time, and asked them to enter the case.

Air Force investigators arrived the next day. They immediately conducted their own search for physical evidence. They found nothing. Sutton and Taylor were absent. Family business had called them away to Indiana. The remaining five witnesses to the night of bizarre terror were interviewed at length by the Air Force officers.

The terrifying events that unfolded on the Sutton property spread throughout the surrounding farmland. A small newspaper, the Kentucky "New Era" picked up the story and published it ten days after the incident. Shortly thereafter the wire stories carried it around the world.

The case of the "Hopkinsville Goblins" is still hotly debated today.

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