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And selfishness!

The humanrace can't help but munipulate all these things. It's nothing to be proud of.

In fact most politicians disgust me! Humans are a disgrace to life it self! I wrote a better aticle but it was erased before it was set free. Sound familur. I'm tired of being fill-a soph-i-cal.

A select few have most of the money in the world and they abuse the fact.

The masses need someone to stand up for those things that are just and right.

I can't even write, right now because someone erased a good article that I just wrote. and I'm pissed and angry. Some stupid son of a bitch who didn't like what I had to say. Humans can't over come stupidity..they do it over and over again.

Eveyone knows what is wrong with the world but death messes them -up. Cowards. most humans are cowards afraid of death and munipulate others to the point of anger. Like Now.

I hope I am Jesus or even God. So than Bury me upside down  so this world can kiss my ass because your a sorry excuse for life. The human race I mean. Stupid , like a child. Swayed by simple emotions. Blinded by simple wrongs and pulled into death by simple temptations.

I'm ashamed to wear this flesh. It stinks like a pig.

Would someone spare me the embarrassment  of living another day in disgust!

I am not your savoir. Humans make me sick. They disgust me the whole lot of'em.

403 amen. hal-a-lu-ya! I can take a pill and go to bed now. 2-morrows-another-day. Sadly enough!

Wasting 400 words on such a pathedic excuse for life is overwhelming. Humans are all so simple disgusting creatures. They could not pilot a real ship if thier life depended on it and they are to stupid to relize that it does.

Jesus you tried, I don't know why you wasted your time.

God I'm sorry that they say you created such a thing as humans. It doesn't do you justice but what the shit does anybody on earth know about justice anyway.

Only 342 words it's late real late and I must be going on to better things. So go ahead and erase this for me and maybe one or two people may read it before some idiot with a 10 year associats degree erases it.

This world better hope I'm not God because I would scrape the whole f'ing place and start over.

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