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There are so many options in careers in the biotechnology industry that it would be well worth your time to research the varied careers to find one that you would be interested in. There are careers you can have with just a high school education, associate's degrees from colleges, and undergraduate and advanced university degrees. Before you start your post-secondary education, you should have some idea of the branch of biotechnology that you want to get into so you can take the proper courses.

There are five main branches associated with careers in the biotechnology industry:
* Research and Development
* Quality Control
* Clinical Research
* Manufacturing and Production
* Bioinfomatics
Each of these has a long list of jobs that you can get and each one requires a different type of education and training. Although you may focus on a career that involves extensive work in a laboratory, you can use this as an entry point from which you advance your career to the next level and get into field testing and manufacturing of products.

You will need to have a solid background in science to pursue a career in the biotechnology industry. Most of the jobs in this area require post-secondary work in biology and chemistry. Therefore to do well in these courses in university, you will need to take courses in Mathematics and these sciences in high school. You should also take advantage of opportunities to work in related jobs during the summer and on a part-time basis to gain experience working in the field. Even volunteer jobs will help you gain the knowledge and experience that you need.

When you choose a program of studies at a university or college, you should ensure that it contains an internship component. This will give you the opportunity to work at a career in the biotechnology industry at the entry level. Then you will have a better idea of what is involved in working in this field. When you do return back to school for the next semester of studies, you will have a better idea of what is expected of you in the job market and you can target your courses toward areas in which you are most interested.

Some of the job titles that you will find in careers in the biotechnology industry include Laboratory Assistant, Glasswasher, Research Assiatant, Quality Control Engineer and Clinical Coordinator. Since agriculture plays a big part in biotechnology, you can become a Greenhouse Assistant or a Plant Breeder. Animals are also used in experiments, so you could look at becoming an animal handler if you like working with animals. Genetics is a large section of biotechnology and has numerous opportunities for employment if you have the right qualifications. You can be a Laboratory Technician doing DNA testing.

Although biotechnology is not new, jobs in this field are in demand now more than ever before. It is one in which you can really advance in your career and earn a six-figure income. The advantage of working in this industry is that you can make a real difference to the lives of others in all aspects of the field.

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