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I am not going to outright sit here and type this and say that alien abductions are real or hoaxes.  I am a former Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator and State Section Director from the late 1990s and today, I still have not investigated the first alien abduction.  However, what I have investigated leads me to two conclusions:  one, that UFOs certainly are real and two, having an open mind, I do believe that there have been people who have had the experience of alien abductions.

First, we can recall three very popular cases in regards to alien abductions.  First, there is the Barney and Betty Hill ( Abductions which became the subject of many books and at least one movie.  Then, there was the story of Travis Walton from Arizona and finally there is the every popular case of Whitley Strieber and his story, the subject of a very famous book on the subject called Communion .

Now, all three of these cases came with extreme skepticism, yet, at the same time, there was much evidence to the contrary.  Betty and Barney Hill, husband and wife, back in the early 1960s claimed to have been abducted from the vehicle on the way home by alien beings.  For some time, they were experimented on, probed and prodded by these individuals “from another world.”  At the same time, after the incident, it appeared that they both had lost some time and the memory of their abduction became lost.  This is the case with most alien abductions.  They were interviewed and they took lie detector tests.  They were hypnotized and they were ridiculed.  Yet, again, their story seemed to fit the pattern of two who had been abducted and there was little to no way to disprove their story.

Then, there is the story of Travis Walton who was logging one day in Arizona and on his way home with his brother and friends; he was abducted when he left the truck for a pit stop.  He went missing almost, if not, nearly three days.  When he returned, according to the story and the movie, “Fire in the Sky,” he was completely naked and in a place that he had no knowledge of.  He went through much ridicule and he was later run through a series of lie detector tests along with his friends and brothers and believe it or not, the tests were inconclusive or found that they were all telling the truth.

Finally, there is the story of Whitley Strieber’s abduction which led to his book Communion among others.  I will not go deeply into this story because you need to read his book to really understand the concept of the alien abduction.

Then, with all of these in mind, there is the story of a psychiatrist, Dr. John E. Mack, M.D. and his work with people who had been abducted.  Here is a man who was an extreme skeptic until he met some of his patients.  He was completely transformed in the subject matter of alien abductions and his mind was reversed an almost 360 degrees. 

So, with these cases and having an open mind, it is possible that alien abductions are real.  But, look at it this way, “The Truth Is Out There.”

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