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 Many years ago I knew Russell Grant, the famous English astrologer who set up the British Astrological and Psychic Society.    He is an eccentric, jovial man who is quite chatty and witty when working but can be shy when he is not.   My family had a long history of being involved in psychic and clairvoyant matters so it was natural that I would be interested in them too.  Astrology interested me,   but so did all of the other arts such as Tarot card readings, so I studied and studied and learnt as much as I could.  In those days everyone went to see a consultant,  it was not practical or technically possible to ring a special phone line or give a credit card online or over the phone,  so face to face was the way.  What people did not realise was that if they paid Russell to do them an astrology reading, he passed it on to his juniors to do for him.

Now that computers are common most of us go online to look up just about anything that is to do with words and thoughts.  It naturally follows that we will look up an astrology reading there too.   Knowing which are the best sites is essential,  otherwise we not only waste time but also listen to a lot of rubbish, perhaps following bad advice or worying unnecessarily.             

I have been retired from work for over a decade,  but I liked the idea of using at least one website regularly to look up my astrological guide, learn more and maybe make friends.  So with this in mind I looked and looked at what websites are available for astrology.     It saddened me to see that most of them are run by people with no proven track record,  usually setting up sites purely as a way to charge for advertising spaces,  or using astrological software rather than doing any work themselves.    But I eventually found a site that I do recommend because the person, Rosemary Price,  is well qualified and proven, does the work themelves,  gives you a huge choice of services,  is very caring,  has a lot of experience and also offers you the bonuses of a good chat room and forum  - both totally free of charge.  Really you could not ask for anything more.  It is a new site but I discovered it as a child would discover a fantastic pressie under the Christmas tree,  I will be going back to its forum and chat room and hope to make friends with others who are into astrology and psychic matters when there.   Go to    

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