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Best Treatments for Making Natural Water Drinkable

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"Best Treatments for Making Natural Water Drinkable"
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World Water Monitoring. How Clean Is Your Water?

On behalf of the U.S Clean Water Act., the World Environment Federation set up a project known as World Water Monitoring Day. This program enlists the help of millions of citizens from around the world, to check on and report local water quality. There is much in the water these days to make us sick, so with our help, more can be done to ensure a clean water supply for all.

Many waterways are loaded with garbage, making it unsafe for fish to survive in, and unsafe for use to wash in, or to drink. Toxins are released into waterways illegally everyday and it's our job to monitor this activity and report our findings. The Water Environment Federation and other organizations like it, can teach us what we need to know about protecting and conserving our precious water supplies.

World Water Monitoring Day (WWMD) has available, clean water-testing kits which can be bought for only $20.20 including shipping. It comes as a kit with all of the collection and testing supplies you will need. The kit allows you to select a local stream or river and collect sample to test for oxygen levels, water temperature and the acidity of the water. At the end of the testing period, just gather your information and submit it to the website. Testing is required to be carried out between September 18 and October 18, so the data an be submitted by everyone no later than December. If you have a website already set up, you can register it and the data can be seen directly from your site by the public. There are also some kits which are made available as a donation.

The water quality database can be viewed by the public too, so you can check the water in other areas. Kids will have a fun time with this project, and should be encouraged to participate. There are links available to them on the website for fun, along with a great library and a quiz.

The World Environment Federation also has a great buyer's guide for you to visit, which can direct you to everything concerned with water and air quality control products, pipes and tanks, cleaning, collection and treatment systems, to name just a few.

There are many ways to teach your children how to care for our environment, and to learn how to teach others the same. They are never too young to learn these skills, and who knows, it may lead to a prestigious career in later years.




World Environment Federation


WEF Buyer's Guide


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