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There’s nothing more beneficial for students studying for a major in biology than some top-rated biology resource and reference books, some career opportunity ones as well as some humorous books of natural science to enhance any student’s years of study. The following books have been selected to accomplish such initiatives as well as help the student gain and have access to greater knowledge, learn new perspectives and fortify their love for their chosen subject. It is the hope that these books will serve to enlighten and interest students, just as they have done for so many students before them. Behold the best books for biology majors.

A Dictionary of Biology (Oxford Dictionary of Biology) with editors of Robert Hine and Elizabeth Martin

This book of 730 pages serves as a great reference foundation for biology majors, and is one that will undoubtedly prove to be very helpful and often referred to. It is highly praised to being one of the best biology dictionaries available with well written and detailed definitions and an overall neat layout. The book offers extensive coverage of many biology, biophysics and biochemistry terms with over 4,700 entries. It also has some featured and beneficial articles on topics such as genetically modified organisms and a chronology chart pointing out recent and leading discoveries in some of the main topics of biology.

Why Fish Fart and Other Useless Or Gross Information About the World by Francesca Gould

This humorous yet educating and interesting book of 272 pages is written by a New York Times best seller of other books within the same genre. This book indeed answers why fish fart, mentions that cockroaches happen to pass wind every 15 minutes and that some fish fascinatingly use the passing of gas as a means of communication. This is the kind of book to peruse through for entertainment on the subject of biology. A student is bound to be enthralled and amazed at the strange but true facts including the world’s most unpleasant creatures, diseases and true eye-opening stories. It will certainly change a student’s perspective when they study certain species and is optimal for any student of biology looking to become a biology teacher, since the facts within this book would surely entertain and get students interested and engaged in the subject.

What Can You Do with a Major in Biology: Real people. Real jobs. Real rewards by Bart Astor

This book is a great must-have whether a student is considering studying for a major in biology, is already on the program or has just completed their degree. It offers all the many diverse career paths that can be taken from a degree in biology. It has valuable information on a wide range of practical and crucial aspects such as advice on college courses and advanced degrees; tips on searching for a job; real life profiles of recent graduates of biology with information about their jobs and how they got them; information about general salary levels and work environments as well as hours; interesting and objective information from a number of biology professionals as well as many great resources, websites and professional organizations to gain further information from. Such a book is valuable to learn the routes others took to get their dream jobs and what mistakes they made, enabling the reader to plan their own way to success and introducing them to the many career paths available to them.

Naturally, the best books for biology majors to help them succeed as well as enjoy their years of study involve books that are great references of biology, books that cover the various career opportunities available for those with such a degree as well as biology books filled with a touch of light-hearted yet educational humor.

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