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The principle of lift is a mathematical equation theory which was explored and explained by the 18th century Swiss-born mathematician and inventor, Daniel Bernoulli. "Bernoulli's Principle" was a discovery that changed the very foundations of travel and aircraft research when he discovered the equation which creates the necessary requirements in which to allow the specific aviated aircraft in question take off, or, "lift".

The principle of lift was something which had been disputed and argued for hundreds of years; could it actually be done? If so; what possibilities would flight offer to mankind? The dreams were endless and the advantages of supposed air-flight were something that the human race desired. The exploration of the modern world was something that had until now only been carried out by that of vessel in the sea for both exploration and merchant purposes. Despite the anticipation, it came down to a simple mathematician and inventor who cracked the code and actually narrowed the Principle of lift down to a simple equation, and with that, the code to the future was cracked.

The simple method of flight came from the Principle of lift; an increase in the speed of fluid simultaneously with a decrease in pressure. This creates the process in which the aircraft requires in order to lift' from the ground. The first method of this Principle coming into use was the use of Hot-Air Balloons for travel in the late 1700's. Like all new discoveries, the use of hot-air balloons was reserved for the richest men of all as a statement of their wealth.

Once Bernoulli's theory came into the public eye, he became an immediate celebrity with the common man and rich man alike. He was seen as an inventor into the future as well as his celebrity due to his other works such as being the first man to attempt to formulate a kinetic theory in physics, as well as his works to combat such diseases as smallpox. Such is the case; modern day flight would not exists today if this small equation had not have been discovered. Bernoulli himself played a part in designing the industrial future that the world would come to know some 200 years later on down the line.

The understanding of this specific theory and mathematical equation can be practiced simply in modern-day times without the need for hours upon hours of careful planning and thinking with the use of a Venturi Tube. A Venturi tube combines the use of this theory with another tested by Bernoulli which is his theory of pressure with the use of water. A venture tube consists of two wide cylinders which connect together through a long narrow tube in the center. If water is passed through the top of the cylinder, it is forced to slow down as it reaches the narrow center which in turn demonstrates the laws of pressure which are used in the principle of lift theory.

In more modern times, despite the doors it opened in the past, the theory is often questioned for being incorrect and primitive compared to more modern ways of flight from the use of fuel and hi-tech equipment. However; these accusations are often false, as nobody can question the impact on the modern world that Bernoulli's principles had on society and on the future.

You have to ask yourself this scientifically; would the modern world be as we know it had this theory and equation not been discovered?

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