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I cannot help but notice that on either side of this debate, Fact or Fiction, there appears to be a great deal of cataloging of opinions of witnesses as to what they saw, or heard, or what might have occurred in this area of the ocean that have caused mysteries to develop! When I read, or hear, someone rehashing the old tales of supernatural goings-on in the 'Bermuda Triangle', I always am reminded of the ancient maps of earlier explorers of this part of the world, and the labels that they put on the maps when they did not know what lay further out. 'Here Be Dragons' decorated more than a few maps prior to the 1450's, and then as now, even well-educated, professional sailors were willing to believe the wild tales! It was a lot more thrilling, and apparently still is, to talk of dragons, and giant sea monsters than it was to tell listeners that they were just bored out of their skulls waiting for some kind of land to appear!

Most people don't know that there is another area in the world's oceans where legends, and mysteries of the supernatural type are just as prevalent as they are in 'The Triangle'! Off the coast of Japan there is an area of ocean that has been referred to as 'The Devil's Sea' and other such scary names, for as long as sailors in that part of the world can remember! There happens to be a perfectly logical reason for the legends, and mysteries, and for the labels!

Just this evening I went to a web site that reports traffic accidents, and fatalities for the entire United States! The statistics are broken down by State, and by County, and when studying the numbers, it makes perfect sense why some of the totals are as high as they are! It comes as no real surprise to me that there are by far, more traffic fatalities in the County of Los Angeles than in any other comparable area of the nation! The report states that in 2007 there were 756 deaths, and no other area of the country comes anywhere near that number! There is a very logical reason why this is so! Los Angeles has, at least, four times more automobiles on the road than anywhere else in the country! There is no long tradition of ghosts, and demons stalking the roads of Los Angeles and making off with peoples lives, and souls! Many more drivers, means many more traffic fatalities!

All of this takes me back to Residency and one of the best Diagnosticians in this Nation, and the constant refrain! "When you hear hoofbeats, don't look for Zebras, look for Horses"! When ships, and airplanes disappear, or lose crew, don't start tracking down dragons, look for logical reasons why!

As it happens, the area of ocean from the East coast of South America, to the East coast of the U.S. is the busiest, or second-busiest, area for sea and air shipping, in the world! The area off the Chinese, and Japanese coasts that is just as notorious, is just as crowded with ships and aircraft! Both of these regions are also noted for having had the highest incidences of piracy of anywhere in the world!

Just like the traffic deaths in L.A., there is a logical reason for shipping mishaps in the Eastern Atlantic! When there are thousands more ships in the area, there are thousands more opportunities for accidents to occur; and occur they will!

But it IS a lot more titillating to say 'Here Be Dragons', isn't it?!

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