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Beginning the Search for the Theory of everything

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"Beginning the Search for the Theory of everything"
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As a preface to this particular article I deem it necessary to point out that in light of the fact that mine as well as every theory derived is indeed based upon nothing more than primary supposition with but a smattering of factual basis and obligatory constituency that it can therefore ne'er amount to little more than self-intelligible hearsay or utter conjecture in the end.

It is in this vein that the veils of all bygone theory should indeed not hinge upon a basis of universal device, but rather be contingent upon the greater unknown facets of the universe itself both quantum and cosmological as well as "pseudo-dimensionally."

If therefore we are to surmise to any degree, on any level, we must also realize that any claims heralded are born of but feeble and gratuitous adherences at best and are therefore nurtured along by the antiquated means of futility and the former imbued, mindful dichotomies of opposing theories.

In that all theory has as its most prevalent denominator sheer and utter mystery are we thus limited to that of mere immobility of self-effacing, flexible human disposition, which tends to seemingly negate the greater of its brethren's egocentricities - whereas is all theory left to nothing more than that of its own elusive device.
There can therefore be no known dichotomy which supersedes the irrevocable furtiveness of quantum or vast unknown aspects of all that exists or any underlying functionality, known or unknown therein. Thus, although scientifically based, I deem it necessary to approach this particular subject both scientifically as well as theologically.

While the outermost makings of the universe are themselves physical in nature, it is the unknown intangible factors which could perhaps constitute the cause and/or purpose for all we seek to endeavor here.
Questions therefore must be posed, for obvious reason before we can make any assumption thereof as to the anatomy of the universe itself.

Hence I pose these basic, yet extremely pertinent questions:
1)Is the fact that the universe exists necessarily proof that indeed there must have been some greater unknown conscious force behind its inception?
2)If not, what and/or how was the universe conceived of, and from what?
3)From what was each constituent of each constituent conceived thereof and so on, from the cosmological vastness of the furthest points in space, to the innermost quantumness of the minutest particles?
4)If God truly exists then who created him as well as each prior creator?
5)What would a perfect being such as a virtual God be comprised of and how did its constituents come to be?
6)Can something be created from nothing?
7)Can nothing be created from something?
8)How is it that we possess the consciousness and ability to conceive of any of these notions whatsoever?
9)Why do we know enough to care or care enough to know?

It would seem common sense to assume that the universe is merely one constituent of that which has created it. Can we however assume that God is the ultimate creator we seek to dispel or affirm or are we simply tap dancing upon a land mine of happenstance?

If we delve back in time to the point at which the assumed universe began (Big Bang) and look at particles and how they moved, converged and condensed up to the point at which they ceased to be mobile (just billionths of a second before the alleged bang) this still does not explain one simple fact in light of whether or not the theory may indeed be true.  From what were these particles created, as well as each constituent of each constituent thereof prior to inception?

For if these particles are in fact eternal in composition or had just always been, then why all of a sudden did they began condensing and imploding into ultimate collapse to densities that were too great to sustain them? Yet even were these particulates to live but short fleeting spans then perhaps it is these relics left behind in death's wake which causes the greater capacity of animate, as well as inert waste and organic volumes combined to be unable to sustain an already preordained value for a particular point in space-time. 

In other words, upon such densities is each now forced to try and share the same "point value" in space-time, but simply cannot and thus repel waste material from a live, organic constituency, again causing the repulsive and vibratory states we now know exist, not to mention that which we believe to be gravity and electro-magnetism.

The underlying premise being that of mere and sheer repulsion of unlike material - attraction of like material. Gravity for example may be nothing more than the expulsion away from the source of original vibratory emanation, as are all forces likewise repelled in similar fashion from "source" if you will; albeit, two sources of same-like vibratory propensity will as well repel each other in some instances, i.e., positive transmission of two magnets repelling each other as no two equal emanations (wave lengths or patterns) can occupy the same point in space-time, hence the laws that attract of unlike charge or material value simply filling the nook of dissimilarity but never occupying the same value as one point in space-time - a puzzle so to speak.

Otherwise what force caused this sudden collapse in light of the fact that these particles had survived as long as they had just as they were? For is it not true that for all which is ultimately now and forever part of creation, both physically as well as mindfully so, that each constituent of lesser tandumness has itself to be comprised of that which comprises it?

Is all of creation's theoretical endeavor then nothing more than a search for oneness or singularity if you will? Should not this singularity therefore be considered the pinnacle of all that is? Yet how can singularity exist if every constituent is comprised of its inner-most makings?

Perhaps as these particles had indeed begun to condense into near infinite densities, so too had multiplied beyond their own organic capability to sustain mass, volume and/or matter; hence the outright propulsive propagation in the end due to sheer heat created through suffusive densities far beyond natural proportion, thus exerted in the form of infinite energy expulsion.

Perhaps once these vibratory capacities ceased to exist amid untold densities during its (inceptions) overwhelming propagational phase there was simple nowhere to go but upward and outward; thus in the end twas the culmination of several events which lead to the universe' ultimate inception; hence, the vibratory states witnessed are that of both like attractive states of like-component, as well as repulsive states due to unlike organic-inorganic states - waves of varying length created as cause and effect due to the ultimate collapse eluded to. However, and in the end, via limited intelligence, are we mankind thus limited to that of our own presumptuous device. Science in my opinion has but a virtual solitary means by which to dispel that of an ultimate creator, as that which science is comprised of itself is as well comprised of that which has conceived it, all-inclusive by all which it has been denied as well therein.

One would have to assume that because of the fact that each material object of matter, as well as anti-matter is comprised of some more quantum aspect of its innermost makings that the cycle of genealogical heritage is in fact eternal, thus eternally quantum in nature.This of course creates the paradox that as we assume this singularity is in fact the pinnacle of all creation or "God" if you will, it in the same concurrent vein annihilates any contrived theory of scientific nobility thereof.

Because of the fact that everything is comprised of something, lest it be otherwise born of nothing, how can we therefore deduce an ultimate singularity in any way, shape or form?

As its furtive mystery eludes mankind, so too does it therefore compel us along by its own virtue - the nature of which we are seemingly born heretofore.

As the universe' mystery remains unsolved, so too in our endeavor to fulfill her does she all the more elude us by her impossible myopia! For if eternity truly exists, then so too the eternal improbability of resolution via mankind's finite exploitation of all that was, is and shall forever be.

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