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Beginning the Search for the Theory of everything

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"Beginning the Search for the Theory of everything"
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Is time a deflating balloon?

I am inspiration, an idea. I am everywhere, nowhere, always and forever
I take up no space, I have no weight, I feel no pain
I am all powerful, yet I am nothing.
I am every storm that ever blew and every thought between me and you
I am the past which has gone; the present and a future which does not yet exist.
I see everything there is to see yet no-one has ever seen me
I am love, hate and pleasure, hope, sorrow, fear and sadness.
I am the idea in your head and desire in your bed
I am a dream, a scheme, a thought a theme
I am
The amazing Illusion of Time'

Although we humans survive in a relatively orderly way, you may agree that we do so amidst continuing chaos of which we have little control. Our amazing success as a species is mainly because we are an adaptable, social and orderly creature. You may also agree that time, or the notion of time is our master, take it away and we will experience immediate mayhem, a total pandemonium of which no intellectual genus or any other species can possibly survive.

Time is conceivably the most amazing, unexplored concept on this planet. I often think about it and wonder that there really is such a thing, does time actually exist, or is it a notion that gives order to our lives. Do we unconsciously create time; or pass through an empty void like a ship forging its way through still water, the following wake and ripples of the cause disappearing into the original stillness?

If time does exist we may possibly assume that our future existence is predetermined and there is a possibility that someday we will be able to travel ahead into it, rather than wait for the normal ions of existence to get us there! On the other hand, perhaps time is an empty void waiting to be filled. What of used time you may ask? Does the space remain full of useless used rubbish, or does it rid itself similar to the diminishing effects of ripples after a small pebble has been thrown into still water?

All species on this planet rely totally on time, day and night, winter and summer, eating, sleeping, every day functions etc, are simple examples. Humans however, are reasoning creatures and consequently mentally as well as physically dependant on time and the concept of time. Travel back several million years to our creation and apparently there has not been a moment when time, in every sense has not been our complete master.

Even with our present relatively simple ability to think laterally, or creatively, there is no escaping the total dependence we have on time! Doubtless our ongoing phenomenal organising ability totally controls the way we view existence and the way we are taught to think, although it is my belief that sometime in a distant future we will all radically view life and time in a vastly different way.

For now though It is difficult to dispute such overwhelming evidence that time is a bizarre force totally controlling our lives, Simple daily examples, is that time just slips by, disappears in a blink, or goes very slowly, depending on our mood at the time. Weird also how time seems to speed up as we get older. One could almost simplify our lives into a two week holiday. Strange how the first week is never ending and the second week disappears in a blink! I'm sure any readers of this article on the far side of forty will understand exactly what I'm talking about.

This neatly brings me to the title of this article. Can you recall your school days, or even before. Times in those halcyon bygone times were never ending, each day seeming to go on for ever. Of course our bodies and minds were young and veritable sponges for information, our imagination and memories endless, makes total sense that days and weeks were then much longer, the balloon of knowledge filling up with ease, stretching our days endlessly.

As we get older our bodies and minds naturally age, while imaginations and memories tend to shrink, it is therefore little wonder that time during the latter stages of our lives seems to pass by quickly, the balloon deflating at an increasing pace, eventually fizzling out as the brain last cells die off. A logical, practical explanation and no real ambiguity of time there, but surely time is totally independent of life we just use it; the clear mystery is far beyond simplicity!

I'm not a physicist, cosmologist, or even a scientist involved in non scientific studies of weird stuff that we do not understand, just an amateur thinker interested in the fast diminishing mysteries left on this planet. Time is one of those mysteries. Does it, or does it not exist'?


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