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Beginning the Search for the Theory of everything

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"Beginning the Search for the Theory of everything"
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The Universe at one time was full of anti matter.The biggest anti
matter that dwells in the Universe as we know it today is the "Human
Factor".Matter makes up every thing we see feel or touch.Even the
things we smell are made up of some kind of matter.

Our DNA provides clues to how the Universe works.The different strains
of DNA held by every thing that lives on the Earth lives in our
Universe.The spiral models of the different strains of DNA replicate
much the same way as our universe spirals.

The way our universe appears from deep space,reflects much of how we
look at hurricanes on the face of our planet.Scientist and Physicist
have done experiments in what causes the spirals of the universe and
have come to the conclusion that radiation of light causes the vortex
and disturbances of space and matter.

The existence of man is only two hundred thousand years,so we are the
new kids on the block of evolution.We as humans are a small part to a
much bigger picture.If we are the last results of anti matter,where
did the rest of the anti matter go?

Our universe at one time thrived with the elusive anti matter.We have
only just begun to understand how to produce anti matter in very small
quantities.The bombardment of atoms an a high speed convection of rates
and radiation produce only minuscule amounts of anti matter.

We could be the micro organism of a larger body of a person in all
reality.A cell in the body of a living organism of a higher life form.
Just waiting to be re-born or split into a different type of evolution
of living organisms.The things that makes our very being and makes us
inquire as we search for the answers to theories that face us in the
scientific circles every day.

We have to compare our selves to the universe we live in to get the
answers we search so desperately for.Take the human lung for example.
The lungs are full of little air sacks called alveoli.They are round and
they take in the oxygen our body needs to survive.By filtering the air
and releasing the carbon monoxide from our bodies,it gives our blood
the right mixture to incorporate and sustain life.

If you look at a alveoli under a micron microscope,the alveoli takes on the
appearance of a little universe.The same spirals that take in matter(Oxygen)
discard the carbon monoxide out wards to the outer bands,to be discarded in
to space.

The beginning of all life can be seen in this way.Are we a part of a higher
life form,living in the internal body of something much larger than our minds
can imagine?I think we very well could be.

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