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Beating the Heat in 2010

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"Beating the Heat in 2010"
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Summer is here and it is hot. Temperatures get higher everyday. You walk outside and automatically the sweat begins to bead and drip down your face and back. You dread getting into that stifling car to go anywhere. It seems like there is no escape. Relax and take a deep breath, there are plenty of easy ways to stay cool.

Got a pool? If you do, what are you waiting for? Get in. Swim as often as you can. It is great exercise and an obvious choice for cooling down. If you don’t, visit a friend or a community pool. You can even join a pool. The Y.M.C.A. is very affordable monthly.

Visit the beach, lake or river. Cooling off in the ocean is a completely different experience than a pool. The waves and salt water are invigorating. If you can’t make it to the beach, lakes and rivers are fun too. Who doesn’t love to climb the tree and try the rope swing over the water?

Go canoeing. The breeze on the river will cool you down as you make your way lazily along. You can stop off and take a dip or rest in the shade while viewing wildlife.

Wash your car. Chances are it needs it anyway, so put on your suit and grab the hose and bucket. You can’t help but get wet and cool off if you wash it right.

Get the fans going. Fans can help cool your home by several degrees and you can always stand in front of one after a cool shower or with a spray water bottle if you want.

Visit a water park. There is nothing more fun than braving giant slides that plunge into cool water or bouncing down the rapids in an inner tube.

Play in the sprinklers and bust out the slip and slide for the kids. Kids will play for hours in the cool splashes of a sprinkler system and slide.

Make home made ice cream or snow cones. Get the family involved and have fun creating flavors. You can have everyone over for a snow cone or ice cream party.

Have a water fight. You never out grow this. Wait until your opponent is least expecting it and turn the hose on them or get everyone together and organize a water balloon or water gun fight. You can fomr teams if you have a big group.

Get a great recipe for a refreshing drink. Dust off the blender and gather the ingredients and your favorite company for that perfect frozen drink treat that everyone loves. You can even make a non alcoholic version for the kids.

The best way to beat the heat is with friends and family so organize as many activities with your loved ones as you can and have fun.

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