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Beat the Heat in the Summer of 2010

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"Beat the Heat in the Summer of 2010"
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There are many ways to beat the summer heat in 2010. How you accomplish your cooling off depends on how much you want to spend or how far you are willing to go to be a real cool character. Let’s discuss several in order of ascending budget needed.

1. The simplest, no cost way to beat the heat is to get up and get out of the house just as the summer sun is beginning to peek over the horizon. Do your hiking, biking or jogging at that glorious dawn hour. Traffic will be light, the coolness of the night will still be hanging in the air, and the birds will just be starting their songs.

2. If you can reach the seashore or mountain trail within an hour or two from your home, gather the gang together at that same break of dawn time and hop into your car. Be the first ones at the beach or climbers up the mountain trail. Be sure to take along the makings for a hearty lunch, because you’re sure to find that perfect spot with the spectacular view for a family picnic. The costs are only those you must shell out for gasoline and picnic makings.

3. If you’re not within that hour or two drive to the shore or mountain trail, take everyone out to the nearest public park, nature trail or swimming pool and pretend you’re grooving at the shore or mountaintop. Take along a hearty lunch or buy it from the nearby deli or food stand. It’ll involve the same low costs, except possibly less gas from the pump.

4.If you must have your cool event in the backyard, you’ll need to do some even heavier pretending about being somewhere else. A big plastic pool with a long water slide can serve instead of real sand and surf. Serve lots of iced drinks and ice cream to help set the cool mood. If your party goes on until after dark, take out the big TV set and DVD player to show wintry movies, such as “Fargo”, “March of the Penguins” or “The Lion in Winter”. Depending on the number of guests and family members attending, the cost is only for food and DVD rentals.

5. Of course, for those who can afford it, you can beat the heat in the summer of 2010 in many other ways. Decide on the budget for a cool and attractive trip, then check with your favorite hometown or online travel agencies for all the specials, schedules and details.

Take your pick. Jog, hike or bike at dawn. Drive the gang to the nearest beach or mountain trail. Book cool cruises to Alaska, Rocky Mountain treks or spend some lazy days at a Maine seashore town. Or just everyone gather in the back yard for an evening of cool picnic eating and cooler movies.

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